META: Flame War RACCies Category

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Tue Dec 9 17:55:45 PST 2008

Tom Russell wrote:

> And that is a big reason why I'd like to ammend my previous (never-
> followed) suggestion to add Best Discussion alongside Best Flame War.
> I'd like to suggest instead that we eliminate Best Flame War
> completely and replace it with Best Discussion.  Because while I think
> we as a community want to encourage discussions, I don't think we
> should be encouraging flame wars.
> And I'm not saying that this and other flame wars happened because
> there was a category, or that removing said category will bring
> Everlasting Peace to RACC.  All I'm saying is, it's not something we
> should be celebrating or giving awards to.
> But discussion!  Civil, passionate, provocative, and, yes,
> occassionally very heated-- discussion is healthy and worth
> celebrating.  Discussion threads are so much more interesting than
> flame wars.
> So, how about it?

Okay.  Using my powers as current RACCies Dictator (err Administrator) I 
change the Best Flame War Award into the Best Discussion Award.

RACC15.  BEST FLAMEWAR:  by thread, not instigator

shall now be and until another RACCies Dictator (err Administrator) 
changes it be known as...

RACC15.  BEST DISCUSSION:  by thread, not instigator

Please change your ballots accordingly...

Thank You.

> ==Tom

Arthur "And so it is written, so shall it be done" Spitzer

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