LNH/Meta: Popular LNH Wiki Page Rankings...

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 3 18:59:52 PDT 2008

I was looking at this a few weeks ago... the popular lnh wiki page 
ranking list... and couldn't help but notice how incredibly high List 
Lad's ranking was...


Looking at the top ten... (at this current time)

#1 Main Page (301 views)

Well that's the first page...

#2 LNH History (64 views)
#3 Welcome (47 views)

Both of these are linked to the main page...

#4 Beige Countdown (41 views)
#5 Mynabird (37 views)
#6 Ripping Dancer (33 views)

These are probably high do to my re-editing them as well as looking at 
them a bunch of times...

#7 List Lad (31 views)

And then we have List Lad...

Well, I've probably looked at List Lad's page a few times... I think I 
edited it a couple of times... but that doesn't explain all of those 

Why would List Lad be that high?  What kind of a person would want to 
look at List Lad's page?

Seems kind of surprising... I mean the only notable thing about List Lad 
is that's he's the one character created by Scavenger that Scavenger 
probably doesn't care if people use without his permission... Other than 
that he's probably one of the most boring members of the LNH.  I don't 
think anyone has ever done a solo story featuring him.  So how is his 
page ranking above characters like the Ultimate Ninja, Catalyst Lass, 
Cheesecake Eater Lad, Self-Righteous Preacher, Panta, and a number of 
other characters?  For that matter more than the LNH page?

Here's the page... (Okay I looked at it one more time)

A rather dull page at that...

Does List Lad have some kind of a secret fanbase?

Is someone working on a List Lad mini -- or series?


Here's the rest of the top ten...

#8 Infinite Leadership Crisis (30 views)
#9 Easily-Discovered Man (30 views)
#10 LNH (29 views)

Okay these ones seem reasonable...

Looking at the bottom we have the page for the Legion of Webcomic Strip 
entry... (well it was at the bottom till I created a number of new 
entries today.  :))

So where is this post leading too?

I have decided to cash in on List Lad's newfound popularity and so have 
devoted a special LNH Webcomic to List Lad...


So all you List Ladheads enjoy!

Arthur "But Why?  Really..." Spitzer

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