[ASH] Derek Radner's Private Journal #5 - What's In A Name?

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 9 15:51:38 PDT 2008

On Weds 9 April 2008 Dvandom posted: 

Dunno if this fits into your scheme as a merely variation of 
groups or is something new.  When I named the character of 
Slowpoke, his rationale was because it was a codename that 
nobody else was using or likley to use.  Which of course is 
deliberate choice of Stupid from someone who, for whatever 
reason, doesn't care, and possibly is going for a 
non-descriptive name.  (Possibly anti-descriptive if you take 
it as a measure of his intelligence, since in the last few 
months I've come to realise that Slowpoke is a lot smarter 
than he lets other people think, because he's scared crapless 
that he might be labelled as having malign hypercognition 
> (Note in margin) Remember Meathead when in power.  Don't 
> dismiss the seemingly stupid muscle, they may be sandbagging 
> because everyone expects bricks to be dumb.  Ask their advice, 
> and never underestimate them.
Oh ho.  So, in CSV Ann.2, was Derek *really* asking Peryton for 
his opinion because he was interested in his opinion, or because 
he was checking out how bright the muscle beast/pretty boy was?  
Pfft.  probably both, knowing Devious Derek.
Saxon Brenton

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