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On Sat, 5 Apr 2008, Tom Russell wrote:

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>                                               2008
> SERIES' # 0 [MAR 30], Rinehart
>   It is times likes these that my woeful ignorance of
> the Superguy universe gets me in a spot of bother, as
> it were: I don't know who the Sage is, I don't know
> who Dustin Estranger is, and I really don't know what
> just happened.

   Dustin Etranger (Lord, his name's going to be 'fun' to not typo) is
new.  The Sage is a fixure of the universe and indeed does know
everything.  Annoyingly so.

>   And whatever that transaction was about-- whatever
> it is that Dustin won and the Sage, presumably, lost--
> I'm sure will be revealed in future installments.
> And, as far as stoking one's curiosity, Rinehart does
> an admirable job of it; he creates the air of mystery
> and danger without making the characters too
> mysterious and obtuse.

   I rather hope he does too.  Er.  More seriously, I debated about doing
this scene in the first place.  It's necessary in a fulcrum sense, but
there's portions that won't see its own action for a while.

> SERIES' # 1 [APR 3], Rinehart
>   This issue was posted late on Thursday, and there
> is an awful lot there-- a lot of jumping around in
> time, a lot of characters, et cetera-- a lot to
> digest, and quite simply, two days isn't enough to do
> so.  And so, I'm postponing my review of this issue
> until I've had the proper amount of time to process
> it; a proper review should appear in next week's
> edition of RUSSELL'S REVIEWS.

   I actually had posted it Monday, but for reasons I'm not sure on, it
didn't seem to want to post to the newsgroup.  Considering I write, er,
big, it's wholly understandable.

  The jumping around probably can't be helped for another ep or two, but I
intend to try to streamline as soon as I possibly can.  Despite the dates,
the plots are somewhat in parallel at the moment.

  For point of information, most of the characters have some connection to
past things of mine or in some special cases others, but the core
characters are new.  Which means if they don't come through, it's wholly
my fault and if they come through well, it's wholly the benefit of those
who helped me realize them.

  Now if I can do something about the spamflood that's now hitting this


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