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Okay... here's something for all those people who are wondering what the 
heck this Beige Countdown/Beige Midnight thingee is.

It all started with the Infinite Leadership Crisis storyline, which 
starts right here...

Below are spoilers for it and Beige Countdown, which is archived here...


Beige Countdown has a lot of skipped issues, but is written in a way 
that you should be able to go from 12,11,7,6,5,1 without too much trouble.

Below are spoilers for both storylines -- so if you don't want to be 
spoiled read no further.

(also it might be a good idea to go from LNHCP #65 to LNHCP #500 since a 
lot of the issues between those were written after #500 and might have 
spoilers in them)



LNH Comics Presents #35 to LNH Comics Presents #499:

(although most of the issues between 65 and 500 haven't been written yet 
( and probably never will)).

Here's a more detailed account of Infinite Leadership Crisis.


ILC starts with the Ultimate Ninja going on vacation for a month and 
leaving Fearless Leader in charge.  Fearless Leader disappears at 
midnight during his first day of leadership.  Irony Man replaces him and 
also disappears the next day.  After a number of replacement leaders 
disappear Pulls Paper Out of Hats Lad is given the job of picking who 
the next leaders will be each day.  Dr. Stomper creates machine that 
makes robot duplicates of the disappearing LNH'rs to fool the public 
into thinking that nothing is wrong.

This goes on til April 465 (April for some reason refuses to end and the 
Ultimate Ninja doesn't return til May)

LNHCP #500:

Cannon Fodder becomes leader.  The Robot Duplicates start to go crazy 
and Cannon Fodder teams up with the Surreptitious Seven (led by the 
villain Mynabird who's secretly Easily Discovered Bran Mite).

Cannon Fodder and the supervillains defeat the Robot Duplicates.  Cannon 
Fodder disappears and finds out who is behind all of the leader 
snatching.  It turns out that Bart the Dark Receptionist (a former LNH 
receptionist turned evil) is behind all of the snatching and has take 
all of the leaders to the future (2092 AD) and is working for the 
Bryttle Brothers (Dekay and Diskolor) who first fought the LNH back in 
1992 during the event Beige Noon. (which is depicted in Lurk of Faith).


Cannon Fodder finds out that the Bryttle Brothers are coming back a year 
from then to kill the LNH and the Looniverse.

LNHCP #501:

Without the LNH, Mynabird and his supervillain army take over 
Net.ropolis, although their reign is short lived when all of the 
captured LNH'rs (who've been sent back to May 1st by the Bryttle 
Brothers) return to restore order.  The Ultimate Ninja also returns.

LNHCP #502:

Cannon Fodder returns to the present to find an LNHHQ devastated by the 
supervillains.  The top leadership of the LNH decides what to do about 
Bart and the Bryttle Brothers.  Irony Man calls for an election to 
decide who will be leader.  The body of wReamicus Maximus is found.


Beige Countdown #12 (First issue):

A mysterious Beige Clock Tower appears in the middle of Net.ropolis. 
The Ultimate Ninja is charged with the murder of wReamicus Maximus and 
Irony Man bails him out.  The Ultimate Ninja decides to resign from 
being LNH leader (although still is an LNH'r and still is in the running 
for LNH leader in the election) and creates a triumvirate made up of 
Catalyst Lass, Fearless Leader, and Irony Man to replace him as leader.

Beige Countdown #11:

President Hexidecimal Luthor (who became President by retconning himself 
into the position with the Cosmic Reset Button) and Beige King of 
Hexfire Club reveals to Irony Man that wReamicus Maximus (Ebony Bishop 
of the Hexfire Club) is still alive and now has his brain inside an 
Ultimate Ninja clone, a clone that was used to kill wReamicus Maximus's 
brainless body to frame the Ultimate Ninja.

Fearless Leader discovers a plot by the Legion of Net.Villains (led by 
Mynabird) and Bart the Dark Receptionist to free prisoners from a prison 
in deep space called the Ultimate Blackhole, which supposedly holds the 
worst of the Looniverse's worst.  The Triumvirate picks the Ultimate 
Ninja to lead a team of heroes to stop them.  The Ultimate Savior (Ebony 
Knight in the Hexfire Club) is revealed to be alive and working for Hex 

Beige Countdown #10 -- Skipped
Beige Countdown #9 -- Skipped
Beige Countdown #8 -- Skipped

Beige Countdown #7:

The heroes are back from their space mission and the Ultimate Ninja is 
in prison (due to breaking his bail agreement, which forbid him from 
leaving the city of Net.ropolis).

Manga Man (Beige Bishop of the Hexfire Club) and Hex Luthor decide to 
sacrifice their pawn Ripping Dancer (who's been working for Manga Man 
and gets her powers and beauty from him) to destroy Fearless Leader's 
chance to become LNH leader to help Irony Man in his bid for power.

The Legion of Net.Villains help Ripping Dancer escape from the LNH and 
offer her a spot on their team, but Ripping Dancer puts off making a 
decision.  She later tries to commit suicide by touching the Beige Clock 
Tower, but is stopped by Fearless Leader.

Beige Countdown #6:

Irony Man becomes the Beige Knight in the Hexfire Club while Hex Luthor 
does everything he can to destroy the other candidates for leadership 
position.  Hex Luthor reveals to Irony Man that Catalyst Lass is now 
under the control of the Hexfire Club thanks to Mr. Tiddles (Beige Rook 
of the Hexfire Club) and a Freedom Chip that has put in her brain.  Hex 
Luthor tells Irony Man of his plan to stop the Bryttle Brothers, which 
involves getting billions of people to have Freedom Chips in their 
brains (the Freedom Chip gives people who don't have powers, powers, and 
people who do enhanced powers).

Irony Man gets in an accident with a date of his who he gives a blood 
transfusion to save her life, which gives her powers.  She calls herself 
the Ironic Woman and holds a press conference exposing Irony Man for 
this, which causes Irony Man's poll numbers to fall.

The Ultimate Ninja wins the election and the LNH battle a cloned version 
of the Ultimate Ninja who claims to be the one who killed wReamicus 
Maximus to frame the Ultimate Ninja.  Irony Man kills the clone.

The Ultimate Ninja is pardoned by Hex Luthor and freed from prison, 
although it is revealed that the pardoned Ultimate Ninja is actually 
wReamicus Maximus in a cloned Ultimate Ninja body and the real Ultimate 
Ninja is trapped in one of Hex Luthor's secret prisons and being held in 
a dreamlike state by some alien creature.

Beige Countdown #5:

Bicycle Repair Lad (Hex Luthor's greatest arch-enemy) is framed for 
being the person who built the clone who claimed to have killed 
wReamicus Maximus and was sent to one of Hex Luthor's secret prisons 
without trial.

Beige Countdown #4: Skipped
Beige Countdown #3: Skipped
Beige Countdown #2: Skipped

Beige Countdown #1:

The Ultimate Ninja breaks free from his dream like prison and seeks 
revenge on those that put him there.

Beige Countdown #0:

Not written yet.

Members of the Hexfire Club:

Beige King:     Hex Luthor
Beige Bishop:   Manga Man
Ebony Bishop:   wReamicus Maximus
Beige Rook:     Mr. Tiddles
Beige Knight:   Irony Man
Ebony Knight:   Ultimate Savior

Arthur "Beiged Out" Spitzer

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