[HYPE] Putting the 8 back in October!

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Thu Sep 27 13:56:07 PDT 2007

Tired of superheroes? Sick of spandex? Eightfold Comics is proud to
bring you a month devoted to comics of a different sort, launching
three new titles to bring you stories of horror, romance, and western

03 October	The Haunted Man #1
 Come visit our titular host in his ghostly abode. Sit back, drink
some warm appaul(ing) cider, and enjoy as he relates to you the tale
of "The Day Jimmy Jeff Rayburn Drove Clear to Harrisonville For the

10 October	Weird Romance #1
 Two tantalizing tales of love and romance with a twist: witness the
events leading up to "The Heart Death of the Universe"; and peruse the
personals section for "MWF ISO BEM".

17 October	The Haunted Man #2
 The Haunted Man relates to us the story of final days of a
"Condemned" man. Plus a back-up story of "The Hemophile"!

24 October	Weird Romance #2
 It's festival time as we show you "Forty-Nine Short Films". Then take
some time to yourself and enjoy "Dining In."

31 October	Six-Gun Judas #1
 The long-delayed weird western hits the ground running, and guns
aren't the only things blazing as Judas Iscariot brings his brand of
justice to a desert town where the sun never sets and the blood flows
like the water doesn't.

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