REVIEW: Superfreaks Season 2 # 7

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Fri Sep 7 22:08:04 PDT 2007

> This is similar to a scene in The Animal where Rob Schneider's
> character is explaining to reporters what he can do and a reporter
> asks him what he (the reporter) has up his butt.  The difference, of

I missed that one, apropos The Rob Schneider Rule: if Rob Schneider is
playing a supporting or cameo role in an Adam Sandler film, he's
entertaining.  At any other time, he's not. :-)

> > It was a very nice extrapolation of the "heroes kidnapped by cosmic
> > being" trope.
> The beauty of having different plotlines going on at the same time is
> that I didn't actually have to show his bail hearing or show him
> disappear and yet the reader shouldn't miss these scenes because the
> fact that he was granted bail and was subsequently kidnapped are
> recapped here.

One thing I do admire about your writing is the terrific sense of

> In #6, Mary was angry because her friend got fired from her job at the
> bank.  I figure there must be something likable about Scott because
> people don't stay angry at him.

A good point.

> He didn't really have to plead guilty as he had already confessed to
> the crime.

Actually, no; the U.S. legal system requires a plea, whether it be
"guilty", "not guilty", "no contest", or the Alford Plea.  Scott could
confess and plead not guilty, but the evidence would be highly stacked
against him and he would probably lose.  But a plea _is_ necessary in
criminal court.

Maybe it's different in Canada...?  Or perhaps in Pepperton? :-)

>  Thus all that remained was the sentencing.  As DA, Alan
> was obliged to ask for the maximum sentence and the defense was
> obliged to ask for mercy so Alan did, in effect, lose.

Actually, no, the DA is _not_ obliged to ask for the maximum sentence
by any means.  The prosecutor *can* and sometimes does advise a lesser
penalty.  The prosecutor's job is not to secure the maximum sentence,
but rather to secure a conviction or a guilty plea.

> You forgot the context: Mary was upset over her friend getting fired
> and Scott was offering to talk to the bank manager on her behalf.
> Secondly, while commercial banks are private businesses, I imagine the
> local bank managers are answerable to the CEO and wouldn't have the
> authority to say all was forgiven.

A good point.


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