REVIEW: 58.5 # 1

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Sat Sep 1 22:09:18 PDT 2007

Skipping ahead a bit with my reviews this evening-- we find 58.5 # 1,
the first installment in Lalo's weekly* series.

[*-- ;-) ]

First off, it moves quickly and it sets a plot in motion, with the
minimum of fuss and a number of well-concieved (and executed) gags.  I
particularly liked the ASCII exclamation of Innovative-Offense Boy,
and the suitably dramatic lines that end the issue, courtesy of
Dramatic Pause Lass.

The characterization of Hex Luthor and his cabinet is delightful; it's
a very nice and well-paced scene, full of bits that underscore the
uneasiness the POTUS inspires in even his closest allies.

The opening paragraphs are very LNHy-- in fact, the entire thing is
very LNHy.  I would not hesitate to print this up and shove it in
someone's face as part of an introduction to the 2006 RACCie winner
for favourite story universe.  (Has any other universe _ever_ won?)

All-in-all, the first issue of this series is proof positive that the
Classic LNH Story still exists, and thrives.  I'm sorry if I don't
have too much to say beyond that-- but you can take my brevity as a
sign that there's nothing too strange going on, and nothing too
awkward, either.  It's just plain good crackerjack stuff, and I look
forward to reading the next issue, hopefully before the end of the
year. :- )


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