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[several new stories on Superguy]
> Do I dare even TRY to wrap up the "The Gods Must Be Mad" arc in
> or should I just ditch it and start something new?
> Can I get in on the nostalgia when I've only actually been on
hiatus for
> three years?
> Answers to some of these, maybe, on the next...SUPERGUY!

<Saxon peruses the rhetorical comments, wondering if they're
*really* the trolls for comments that they look like, or if they
are in fact cunningly disguised advance hype.>
Shrug.  Oh well, for a new issue of Exarchs I'm prepared to
play straight guy.
Yes, of *course* you should finish of 'The Gods Must be Mad'.
The real question is whether it's shown as an unfolding tale
or whether it's shown in flashback while on the way to
something else (like Jack's replacement of Mr Jones as CEO
of Hell(tm) was).
Just as long as you don't come down with another nasty rash
of continuty burns, like last time.  They're even worse than
poion ivy, you know.
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