Legion of Net.Heroes Vol.2 #23

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Ah!  A Saxon Brenton story.  How nice it will be to read
something wholesome after all of the R-rated business
on RACC lately...

On Oct 16, 10:53 pm, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at hotmail.com> wrote:

>      =( ' "Say nothing, Toony-san," said Ultimate Ninja, and with but a
> single deft movement removed his one-piece costume, revealing to all
> the world that he too was aroused.  "The Zen perfection of this moment
> needs no words." '
>      =( 'They took each other in their arms, and their mouths met in a
> passionate kiss...' )=

Then again, maybe not.

Wow... someone finally wrote LNH slash...
and it wasn't Martin...

>      The charcoal drawings of Catalyst Lass posing for a swimsuit
> edition were borderline.  But then there was a text story where Easily-
> Discovered Man and Easily-Discovered Man Lite had a Batman and Robin
> style relationship out of Frederick Wertham's most lurid fantasies.

What what WHAT???

Man... and I thought "Frank Miller's All-Star Easily-Discovered
Man and Lite" was lurid.

Never before have I envied So-Lame-Even-Saxon-Brenton

I may never feel clean again...

>      John Goodberries looked somewhat abashed.  "Yes, I'm afraid so.
> Not at the discomfort that it caused to the Legion," he hastened to add.
> "It's just that I've always been amazed and surprised at the Earth
> human obsession with sex.  To be honest, I've always thought it would
> be better if your people had a set mating season.  It would make things
> so much simpler."

We do have a set mating season.

It's called "college."

And I was too busy writing superhero stories on
the Internet to enjoy it...

>      "I think I can agree we that," she said, at the same time taking
> note of his use of the phrase 'your people'.  She felt comfortable with
> it, and she realised that she liked the way it made her feel like she
> was included among humans rather than as a human-shaped construct built
> to infiltrate the Legion and destroy it with sexual wiles.

We seem to have a few of those these days.

Too many villains trying to employ the
"Smurfette Principle," I suppose.

>      "The problem isn't the issue of training," said John.  "Well, not
> for most people who are worried about the Act.  The compulsory aspect is
> causing some concern, because for every person who compares it to having
> to pass a driving test and registering to own a car, there seems to be
> someone else who cites the fact that you don't have to register to own
> a gun.  The National Rifle Association is telling anyone who'll listen
> that this is nothing more than the first move in an elaborate plan to
> sneak in gun control laws."

In the U.S., it's a state-by-state matter.

In Massachusetts, where I spent most of my life, guns are
very strictly regulated, if not registered.  In California,
where I now live, it's much less so -- though cities like
San Francisco have tried to change this.  In the South,
they're more or less given away with Happy Meals...

(Well, not really.  But when buildings have to post
signs saying you can't carry a concealed handgun into
them, you realize you're living in a scary, scary

>      On the way back to the LNH-HQ Senses Lass got to fight supervillains.

Sounds like Senses working overtime...

>      "Now listen to me," Senses Lass said to Nick.  "Snap yourself out
> of your funk and try to act responsibly.  It took us a lot of effort to
> track you down, and not everyone knows the identity of the 'telepathic
> supervillain who narrates slash fiction into people's heads'."

The 'Slash Marauder'?

A well-written, funny-as-hell story that will
doubtlessly cost me years of therapy.

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Has discovered a whole new meaning
to 'Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's..."

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