[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #45 - September 2007 [spoilers]

Andrew Burton tuglyraisin at aol.com
Fri Oct 19 22:37:11 PDT 2007

>      I had a bit of a problem with this issue.

I'm glad you had this problem, but I didn't realize that disconnect was 
so great.  Thank you!

I do have an explanation, though...



...if you don't mind spoilers...



...then here's the deal.  I'm not sure if "mellowed" or "smoke and 
mirrors" are the right terms, but there was a shift between the first 
time we saw Deedee back in "Time Capsules" and every other time.  That 
difference being his lack of minions.  The first time we met Deedee, 
he's got henchmen, every other time after that he's a solo act.  My 
working theory is that once he came out of the closet, so to speak, 
about having his deathtrap fetish, he lost a lot of street cred.  The 
mysterious Doctor Developer isn't much of a threat any more after 
letting his minions in on the secret that he's not really panning to 
kill anyone.  That was one reason I had Mistah Mekanique calling him a 
"pervert," establishing that he'd kind of become a laughing stock among 
villains in Detroit, not to mention heroes he continued to pester, like 

At least that's my working theory.  Thank you again for pointing out the 
disconnect.  I'd kind of stalled working on #6, but I think I know what 
it needs now.

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