[LNH/ACRA] Legion of Net.Heroes Vol.2 #23

Saxon Brenton Saxon.Brenton at uts.edu.au
Thu Oct 18 05:52:14 PDT 2007

On Thurs 18/Oct/2007 Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Saxon Brenton wrote:
> And in my Thunderbird newsreader it was blank...
> Was able to read it using googlenews though...
It turned up blank on my UTS account as well, but not in 
I'm a bit peeved about that.  I *think* it's a combination 
of the new computer not automatically word processing in 
7-bit ascii, plus me not being familiar enough with the 
recent upgrade of the hotmail format to avoid tripping over 
the resulting smart quotes.  But it might be something else 
> As for the story...
> Christ!
Good  :-)  That was more or less the effect I was going for, 
and it makes all the rest of the hassle involved worth it.
And Jamas Enright noted:
> Saxon has revealed a hitherto unknown talent... as for 
> whether or not that's a good thing...
Feh.  It was just extrapolation of how real world trends about 
celebrity porn would map onto a world that really has super-
powers.  You know perfectly well that Grant Morrison would 
include stuff like this in his work in an instant if he could 
get the right age rating.  And in the ASH setting I would be 
honestly amazed if at least part of the legal work of the DSHA 
*didn't* involve protecting the reputation of sanctioned 
superheroes from stuff like this. 
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