META: Apology

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Thu Oct 11 14:54:40 PDT 2007

On Oct 11, 10:35 am, Jamie Rosen < at> wrote:
> I neglected to put in Acra warnings for the recent Eightfold Comics
> offering "Weird Romance #1" -- I'm so used to writing for non-RACC
> areas that I completely forgot that it might be necessary for the
> subject matter in question. Many apologies.

I don't think it was particularly ACRAish, but I see how some might
construe it as such.  I sometimes forget to put such warnings on my
own writing-- though, of course, I did not forget for Jolt City #
8. ;-)

By the way, WR # 1 was _awesome_.  I've even sent copies of the second
story to friends who all agree that it's great, great writing.


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