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On Oct 8, 12:04 am, Tom Russell <milos_par... at> wrote:

> Apropos the anti-Castro thing-- while in New Orleans, Oswald
> "befriended" some anti-Castroists and then, the following week, staged
> a pro-Castro demonstration in front of their building.  It was an
> intentional act that led to fisticuffs, and it seemed that that was
> his aim.  He was extremely pro-Castro and, indeed, through out his
> entire life was pro-Communist/Marxist.

In the movie JFK, it was argued that Oswald was pretending to be pro-
Castro because the plan was for him to go to Cuba and spy for the US.
Later it supposedly served the interests of the conspirators to paint
him as a life time communist.  No mention was made of the attempted
assassination on General Warren.  Nor were we told that Oswald was
actually followed to the theatre by the citizen who tipped off the
police.  These facts would have been difficult to reconcile with the
theory they tried to present.

Jim Garrison apparently used the following "evidence" to claim that
there was a conspiracy to kill JFK: the fact that 20 witnesses thought
they heard shots coming from the "grassy knoll", the fact that the
video of the shooting showed Connelly turn around to look at Kennedy
when he got shot the first time even though the "magic bullet theory"
would have had them getting shot at the same time by the same bullet,
the fact that the bullet recovered was in relatively priestine
condition and the fact that Kennedy's head was seen moving backwards
and not forwards when he got shot the second time.

Well, okay.  The trajectory of the first bullet could be explained if
the President's car was turning the corner when he got shot.  Oswald
might not have been able to take an earlier shot because there were
trees in the way.  Because Oswald was an expert marksman (at least
back when he was in the Marines when he was once ranked as a
sharpshoooter) he was able to get three shots off very quickly and
have two of them hit the target.  As the President was waving to the
crowd, it is possible he was leaning forward a bit even though that
isn't obvious in the video.  That Connelly didn't react to getting
shot can be explained by the fact that the pain of getting shot hadn't
registered and that he was more concerned with what the noise was.
Similarly, the President's head could have been thrown backward as a
result of a delayed reaction to getting shot in the back just a moment
ago.  The shots from the grassy knoll could have been echoes.

It doeos sound like a bit of a stretch but, given Oswald's apparent
political views, it's apparently more of a stretch to believe that he
was working for a government agency and that there was at least one
other shooter operating from a different location.  I'll assume they
looked into the possibility of his wife, Marina, being a co-
conspirator.  It doesn't look like he had any other like minded
friends in America.


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