Superfreaks/ACRA: Superfreaks Season 3 #1

Martin phippsmartin at
Sun Oct 7 02:32:39 PDT 2007

On Oct 7, 1:19 am, Tom Russell <milos_par... at> wrote:

> The bullet enters Kennedy's back, passes through the soft tissue and
> out his neck.  It continues on its trajectory, entering Connolly--
> who, it MUST be stressed, was NOT directly in front of Kennedy.  He
> sat to the LEFT and BELOW Kennedy in the jumper seat.  


> 1. If the bullet that struck Kennedy's back and exited his throat DID
> NOT hit Connolly, where did it go?  Traveling on a downwards
> trajectory, it could not have left the car.

Here's another problem: if the bullet that hut Kennedy hit him in the
back and came out through the NECK then how is that a DOWNWARD


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