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On Oct 7, 11:30 am, Martin <phippsmar... at> wrote:
> On Oct 7, 7:41 am, Tom Russell <milos_par... at> wrote:
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> > > > Any other questions?
> > > Well, okay, just this: the bullet that was found seemed remarkably
> > > intact (or so the conspiracy theorists say).  Normally when bullets
> > > pass through bones they are distorted beyond recognition or even
> > > shattered.
> > Conspiracy theorists are wrong and often cite a profile view photo as
> > evidence; the same bullet, photographed from the back, shows
> > substantial damage.
> > Also, the bullet's velocity slowed down, as it first passed through
> > Kennedy WITHOUT striking bone,
> Well, the human skull is a bone.

I'm sorry, I was under the impression that Kennedy was hit in the
head.  It looked from the film footage that he was hit in the head.
If he was hit in the back then that changes everything: hit somebody
in the back and the pain would cause their head to fly backwards.

I've just been reading about the attempted assassination of General
Edwin Walker in April of 1963, just seven months before the Kennedy
Assassination.  Walker was an out-spoken anti-communist so if Oswald
was the man responsible for the attempt on Walker's life then this
would seem to disprove the allegation that Oswald was allied with anti-
Castro forces.  It's a matter of public record that Oswald mingled
with anti-Castro activists during the summer of 1963, the question
being whether he was in league with them or simply infiltrating them.
It's all very confusing and it is isn't clear at all what Oswald's
actual motives were in November of 1963.


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