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Sat Oct 6 20:30:42 PDT 2007

On Oct 7, 7:41 am, Tom Russell <milos_par... at> wrote:
> On Oct 6, 6:38 pm, Martin <phippsmar... at> wrote:
> > On Oct 7, 1:19 am, Tom Russell <milos_par... at> wrote:
> > > Any other questions?
> > Well, okay, just this: the bullet that was found seemed remarkably
> > intact (or so the conspiracy theorists say).  Normally when bullets
> > pass through bones they are distorted beyond recognition or even
> > shattered.
> > Martin
> Conspiracy theorists are wrong and often cite a profile view photo as
> evidence; the same bullet, photographed from the back, shows
> substantial damage.
> Also, the bullet's velocity slowed down, as it first passed through
> Kennedy WITHOUT striking bone,

Well, the human skull is a bone.

> GLANCED on one of Connolly's ribs, and
> then HIT (SMACK!) the governor's wrist-- doing so at a much, much
> slower speed (est. 1900 feet per second) than it had initially started
> (2296 feet per second).  If a bullet had been fired into a wrist
> WITHOUT passing through the preceeding bodies, the damage would have
> been far more substantial.

I just don't believe Oswald acted alone.  I believe that Oswald was
disgruntled with his president and that there were others who felt the
same way and knew about the assination and were possibly even involved
in planning it.  I don't understand how the police were able to find
Oswald so quickly and identify him as their suspect: he wasn't
arrested at the scene but mere hours later in a cinema.  Presumably
there was some anonymous tip that Oswald was the shooter and that he
could be found at the cinema at a certain time.  Very suspicious.
Some people might have been guilty of no more than negligence but that
alone would have been motivation to manufacture evidence, say for
example the accusation that Oswald was involved with the KGB.  Even if
Oswald did act alone there would have been those who would have wanted
to downplay any involvement Oswald may have had with the CIA, whose
offices were located right at the corner where the assination took


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