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> But how were two people injured in multiple places by a single bullet?
> Martin

The bullet enters Kennedy's back, passes through the soft tissue and
out his neck.  It continues on its trajectory, entering Connolly--
who, it MUST be stressed, was NOT directly in front of Kennedy.  He
sat to the LEFT and BELOW Kennedy in the jumper seat.  And so, no,
despite what you might have heard, the bullet did NOT turn 90 degrees
in mid-air, press on, turn again, and enter Connolly.  It glanced off
Connolly's ribs, exited and continued downward into his wrist, exited
and ended up in his leg.  It was later found on his stretcher in the

Some important points here:

1. If the bullet that struck Kennedy's back and exited his throat DID
NOT hit Connolly, where did it go?  Traveling on a downwards
trajectory, it could not have left the car.  It would have had to hit
someone in the car, or be found in the car, or just disappeared.  Of
these three possibilities, only the first is possible, being that the
second didn't happen and the third couldn't happen.  And the reason
why the first possibility is possible is because that's what happened.

2. If the bullet that struck Kennedy's back and exited his throat did
not hit Connolly, how was Connolly injured?  In order for a bullet to
travel in a downwards trajectory, hitting Connolly's body, wrist, and
ending up in his leg, it would HAVE to pass through Kennedy's body,
which was ABOVE Connolly's and blocking the governor.

So: if any bullet that passed through Kennedy had to also strike
someone or somewhere else (and since the limo was undamaged, it's not
the latter case), and the bullet that passed through Connolly had to
have also struck Kennedy, THERE IS NO OTHER LOGICAL EXPLANATION save a
single bullet.

This is also consistent with the three cartridge shells found in the
sniper's nest, and the three bullets that, AGAIN, were all identified
as coming from Oswald's rifle AT THE EXCLUSION OF ALL WEAPONS IN THE

Oswald did it and he acted alone.  The evidence is overwhelming and
conclusive and stands up to all scrutiny.

Any other questions?


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