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On Oct 5, 6:55 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at> wrote:

> JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luthor King were all killed in the 60s
> by lone gunmen who claimed to be patsies.  Twice is a wild
> coincidence.  Thrice reeks of conspiracy.

Excuse me, but what the hell are you talking about?

To be brief, the physical evidence against Oswald-- ownership and
possession of the rifle, fingerprints, matching of the bullets to the
murder weapon to the exclusion of ALL OTHER WEAPONS IN THE WORLD, the
entry and exit wounds-- CONCLUSIVELY and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT or margin
of error establish Oswald as the lone gunmen firing from one
direction-- fully supporting the conclusions of the Warren

The famed "head snap to the rear" would NOT have been caused by a
bullet to the front:

1. The bullet only weighed a few ounces and the head nearly fourteen
pounds.  REGARDLESS of speed, bullets DO NOT cause heads and bodies to
throw themselves backwards as we often see in movies.  The head would
offer too much resistance.  It's simple physics.

2. The head would only move a slight amount-- as it does between
frames 312 and 313 of the Zapruder film (the "head" shot), moving so
slightly forward that it can only be seen frame-by-frame.  The head
snap to the rear could NOT be caused by a bullet wound, and was likely
a neuromuscular reaction.

3. Furthermore, Zapruder frames 312 and 313 clearly show a spray of
blood and brain tissue projecting FORWARD from Kennedy's head.  A
bullet from the front would cause the blood to spray BACKWARDS out of
the head, not FORWARDS.  Again, simple physics.

4. The wound to the back of the President's head was slightly smaller
in diameter than the bullet itself-- consistent with an entrance
wound, as the skin recoils slightly inward.

5. The skin in the entrance wound was facing inwardly-- again proving
that it was an entrance wound.

> And how about the Abraham Lincoln assinination?  Again, it was
> supposed to be a lone gunman who killed him.

Actually, that _was_ a conspiracy.  While Booth was the "hitman", so
to speak, it was planned in league with other like-minded individuals.

But in general, assassination by conspiracy is a rarity in America;
generally, it's just nutjobs and malcontents (such as Oswald, Giteau,

>  But do you realize that
> all the people who were in theatre with Lincoln, all those potential
> witnesses, are now dead? ;)

Cute. :-)

> Just call me "Conspiracy Lad".
> Martin


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