[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #46 - October 2007 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 19:57:28 PST 2007

On Thursday 15 Nov 2007 Martin replied:
> On Nov 14, 4:34 am, "Saxon Brenton"  wrote:
>>      Looking over the sexually suggestive shenanigans in _Coherent 
>> Super Stories_ #10, _Superfreaks Season 3_ #3, and my own _Legion of 
>> Net.Heroes Vol.2_ #23, I believe that I shall arbitrarily declare 
>> October 2007 to be... Smutober!
> What the Dullkin Ambassador did with the cat was not sexual. :)
I was thinking of the explaination of the way the Phallaxian males look 
like penises. Not to mention the fact itself.
> Hmm.  But as you point out at the end, the premise of the series 
> has changed so while Superfreaks Season 3 is technically a 
> continuation of Superfreaks Season 2, it is also a new beginning 
> altogether. :)
I was thinking more along the lines of: a new season with a new theme 
to explore.
> Hmm.  I suppose I could have killed Jean off, had her cloned 
> and have Scott fall in love with the clone only to have Jean 
> come back and fight her clone.  Except it was dumb when Marvel 
> did it.
To be fair Marvel had painted themselves into a corner with the way 
Cyclops had abandoned his wife and child in order to get the high 
concept of the first X-Factor series to work.  To the best of my 
understanding everything that happened with clone!Maddie and Inferno 
was (a) to paint Maddie as villain so that when she was ceremoniously 
removed the readers wouldn't get too up in arms, and (b) provide 
spectacle and distraction so that people wouldn't notice so much how 
badly the storyline as a whole had been fluffed.
>>                     (you'll notice that the storylines given over to 
>> the police in the first two episodes are either setup for the 
>> Rasputin Syndrome story or the continuing subplot about the 
>> Goodhead Corporation's underhanded cloning practcices; they don't 
>> get a full A-plot until the murder mystery in issue 3.)
> Actually, the first five issues were pretty evenly split between 
> murder investigations, mutant drama, cloning scandals and alien 
> arrivals.  It was about 50-50 overall much like the first two 
> "seasons".

  Point taken. I stand corrected.
Saxon Brenton

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