[Reviews] End of Month Reviews #45 - September 2007 [spoilers]

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Mon Nov 12 21:45:20 PST 2007

On Nov 12, 11:56 pm, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:

> If it's a different jacket then he could (truthfully) say that he got
> it from Dani.  And they could confirm that because for Dani to have
> given him a different jacket she would have had to have signed it out
> of the evidence locker: the jackets belonging to captured floaters
> would have to be kept as evidence against them and there would be a
> record of any jackets signed out.  If they can tell one jacket from
> another then they could confirm that Martin's jacket was in fact given
> to him by Dani.

I think you're forgetting that the evidence locker exploded. :-)  Dani
likely got the jacket from Fisk after alerting him of the plan.

At any rate, Fisk would most definitely falsify any records to save
his skin.

> Then there's the chip in the back of his neck.  I had
> forgotten about that.  Surely there would be somebody on Dr. Fay's
> staff who could confirm that she was the one who made the chip.  So
> his story would have checked out.

Dr. Fay doesn't have a staff at the moment; right now she's just Dr.
Fay. Remember, she was Professor Costello's assistant-- and though the
text doesn't say so explicitly, perhaps her only assistant besides,
possibly, undergraduates-- and so Dr. Fay doesn't have staff of her
own.  Also, given the secretive nature of the chip, I doubt that if
she had any staff she would have made them privy to it.

Also, if Martin was to reveal the presence of the chip, there was a
large chance that it might be removed-- and with floaters having-- as
far as he knew-- killed both Fay and Dani, he wasn't about to have it
removed if it would help him stay alive.  (Which, it turns out, it

> Martin


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