META: Superhero Dewey Decimal Classification

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Fri Nov 9 00:44:11 PST 2007

On Nov 9, 6:39 pm, Tom Russell <milos_par... at> wrote:
> Where in the Jolt City Library, for example, would _you_ put
> Superheroes For Dummies?

Assuming that 'Superheroes for Dummies' is a book geared towards the
topic of superheroes in general, rather than the origins of heroes or
a psychological analysis of what it takes to be a superhero, it would
probably be classified under 000, 'General Knowledge'. Perhaps 040,
because (as far as I'm aware) the 040s are undesignated to any
specific topic. SfD could also go under 305, which is Social Groups,
seeing as how the book would, I'm assuming, be referencing a specific
social group; alternatively, 307 (Communities) or 308 or 309, which
are both unused. I think.

A quick Google search turns up the following link: which
looks as though it may be useful. Though upon closer inspection, it
doesn't actually go into decimals. So I say either assign 040 to
Superheroism, or find a way to squeeze it into 305. It occurs to me
that this entire reply could have been condensed into '040 or 305',
which is considerably shorter and easier to read.

My bad.

> ==Tom

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