META: Superhero Dewey Decimal Classification

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Thu Nov 8 23:39:00 PST 2007

In the various fictional universes we write for, superheroes are real,
living, breathing people and as such would be the subject of real
books that one could borrow from, say, a library.

The question is, how would a book on "Superheroing" itself be
classified?  An individual superhero might get a biography in the
biography section.  And very specific topics-- heroing in history,
relevant legal rulings, things like that-- would most likely be filed
in their specific sections.  But what about a general reference work,
an overview?  Is it science?  Is it crime/detection?

Where in the Jolt City Library, for example, would _you_ put
Superheroes For Dummies?


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