LNH: 58.5 #12

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 02:46:05 PST 2007

On Nov 4, 4:22 pm, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
>                          A CAT TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY
> Maaa! (i) You stepped on my tail!
> Mao (i) Sorry for scratching you earlier.
>        (v) Move over.
> Meow (v) 1. Get up.  2. Feed me.  3. Change my litter.  4. Let me out.
>               5. Go to bed.
> Merrr (v) Hurry up.
> Mew (i) Thank you.

It's amazing what you learn when you listen carefully to your cat.

Marrr! (i) There's a lizard on the ceiling!  Kill it!  Kill it!

Meow (v) 6. Change my water.  It's dirty again.

Merar! (v) Come back to bed!

Merow! (i) No, not that!  I want tuna!

Mmmm? (i) Why do I have to come inside now?  I haven't finished
playing with the neighbour's shoes.


PS: Yes, my cat does sleep with me.  The weather's getting colder and
he's found a further use for me: as a bedwarmer. :)

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