LNH/META: Sarcastic Lad in a DC Comic?!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu May 31 22:09:48 PDT 2007

Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> Tom Russell wrote:
>> I don't know if anyone's reading Justice League of America-- it runs
>> the gamut from great to good to craptastic, often within the span of a
>> single issue-- but in the most recent issue, Sarcastic Lad gets
>> namedropped.
>> Wonder if Meltzer reads RACC. :-)
>> ==Tom
> Not the first time it's happened.  I seem to remember someone pointing
> out a long time ago ('95) a comic that had two heroes named Sarcastic 
> Lad and Frat Boy (some Milestone comic... anyone remember?)
> Also remember someone pointing out a blurb in Heroes Magazine (i think)
> about rec.arts.comics.creative... Anyone remember the issue number?
> Can't seem to find this info using google news... but pretty sure that
> someone did post something to this effect... I think maybe Peter 'Tick'
> Milan...
> Of course if Meltzer googled the name Sarcastic Lad he'd find a bunch of
> LNH links...
> Arthur "RACC's glory days" Spitzer

After a little bit of searching I did find, which issue the
Hero blurb was...

 From Peter Milan's DD & VG #14:


    Before we get on with the passion and pathos of this new
storyline, Vigilante Guy has a few words of import he'd like
to share.

    "Howdy! Vigilante Guy here, with a proud salute for the
  fine men and women of Hero Illustrated! For those of you
  who don't know, Hero was kind enough to run a little blurb
  in the In The Works section of their September 1994 issue-
-only $3.95 cover price and worth every penny. Ahem. I

    "`One last tip-off before we go this month:comics fans
  with access to Internet are missing out if they don't read
  rec.arts.comics.creative. This newsgroup contains some
  terrific comic book parodies, in addition to some
  interesting new stories to peruse. Who knows? There may
  come a day when an Internet surfer turns up in the HERO Top

    "Well, I just wanna say thumbs up to Hero! God, you can't
  believe how long I've wanted to say that! How much love I
  hold in my hearts for those great Hero guys and gals! Where
  would we be today without Hero Illustrated?"
    "Sssh! Hero Illustrated has done so much for the comics
  community, to list them all would take...well, longer than
  an expanded Stephen King novel! I bow down and worship
  everyone who works on Hero Illustrated!"
    "Be quiet! Their reporting is comprehensive. Nowhere else
  will you learn more comics news. Their ever-controversial
  `Final Word' column gives comics professionals everywhere a
  chance to have their say!"
    "Shut up! And that Frank Kurtz! What a cutie!"
    "What do you think you're doing?"
    "Er...um...my partner, Decibel Dude, everyone! Let's have
  a big hand for him!"
    "Answer the question, Vig. What are you doing?"
    "Why, I'm...er...I'm just offering a salute to all my
  good pals at Hero Illustrated! God, I love 'em!"
    "No you're not! You're scheming to get into the Hero Top
  9, aren't you?"
    "Well...I mean, if the nice, nice people at Hero decide
  to put our writer in the Top 9 because of my little
  tribute, I wouldn't be ungrateful..."
    "Why, you little publicity whore. Folks, here's the deal.
  Hero's a good magazine. I dig it. In fact, this entire
  diatribe may end up in Psycho Letter of the Month. But the
  fact is, the only way the writer of this book is going to
  en dup in the Hero Top 9 is if he gets a real job. Vig, you
  should know better that to suck up to comics journalists!"
    "I sorry."
    "You should be sucking up to comics editors! Hey Carlin!
  Bobbie Chase! Denny O'Neill! Check this stuff out! Like it?
  Give this monkey a job on one of your books, willya? He
  needs the work! He can write real superheroes! Give him a
  call! His E-mail address' at the end of the story!"
    "You slug."
    "Sssh. This could be our ticket to the big time!"

This ugly little scene was brought to you by the writer's
  ego. By the way, if this does end up in Psycho Letter of
  the Month, the writer's T-shirt size is XXL, as he has been
  eating too many Fritos lately. Also, he has begun referring
  to himself in the third person, so we really ought to get
  on with the story now.


Arthur "Damn.  I miss that series..." Spitzer

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