LNH/META: Sarcastic Lad in a DC Comic?!

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Fri May 25 21:22:58 PDT 2007

Also spracht Tom Russell (Thu, 24 May 2007 22:54:45 +0000):
> I don't know if anyone's reading Justice League of America-- it runs the
> gamut from great to good to craptastic, often within the span of a
> single issue-- but in the most recent issue, Sarcastic Lad gets
> namedropped.
> Wonder if Meltzer reads RACC. :-)

>From the context, it *may* be an LNH reference, but I wouldn't guarantee.

For those not reading the current arc: the JLA and JSA are working 
together to retrieve 7 "lost" members of the Legion of Super-Heroes; 
that's the pre-Zero-Hour version, maybe even pre-Crisis judging from 
Superman's references.

In this scene, Red Arrow, Power Girl and the Hawks are in Thanagar 
looking for Dawnstar.  Red Arrow says what's on every reader's mind:
"Oh, then she's practically a sore thumb.  Girl with wings..." (looks up 
to the Thanagar sky, full of flying people) "Never seen that before."  
Then Hawkgirl says: "Relax, Sarcastic Lad."  He mutters: "Sarcastic Lad?  
They don't have humor in Thanagar either?"

So it was a joke with the Legion's naming pattern.  I guess we'll only 
know if it was an LNH reference or not, if Meltzer eventually mentions it 
in an interview, or if he throws in a more clear reference later on :-)

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