8FOLD/META: Sex and Language in Jolt City # 8

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 05:11:42 PDT 2007

On May 18, 3:05 pm, Tom Russell <milos_par... at yahoo.com> wrote:

>    I personally think I've done some pretty decent
> work with Martin Rock.  I think I've given the
> spotlight to various aspects of his personality
> without him feeling too compartmentalized; that is, I
> think it all congeals into one cohesive and believable
> person.  Feel free to disagree with me: I think I'm
> fairly receptive to criticism and I do enjoy a
> spirited discussion.
>    In each issue of JOLT CITY, I try to explore
> another aspect of Martin Rock, moving him further and
> further from an archetype and closer to a
> psychologically complex and specific human being.  And
> this month's issue is no different in that respect.

I'm a third of the way through #8.  (I'm taking a short break.)  So
far, Martin has shown his passive, femine side.  It never occured to
me that a male rape victim of homosexual rape might feel uncomfortable
having sex with a woman but perhaps he felt Dani was coming on too
strong and this was a turn off for him.  Personally, I wouldn't have
reacted the same way in the same situation.  Mind you, I also probably
would have offered some suggestions rather than just writing her off
as "mechanical and awkward".  Seriously though, most people don't mind
getting kissed, _especially_ in that particular area.  Oh well.

The whole issue of the "floaters" reminds me of current episodes of
Smallville.  (I'm downloading the latest episode now and my internet
connection is slow so it should arrive tomorrow.  @#$%!)  Last week's
episode had Lex literally creating an army of Super Soldiers from
Kryptonian DNA.  I suspect a similar plotline might be used in the
next season of Heroes.  (The company run by Linderman may have enough
data on the heroes that it could perhaps now endow ordinary people
with their powers.)  It is also reminiscent of recent seasons of CSI:
Miami in which the Columbian drug lords are actively going after
Lieutenant Crane and he ends up having to utter the line "Don't make
me do this!" and then shooting somebody every episode.  Based on the
example of network television, I would say that the Green Knight is in
a lot of trouble.

>    What's so different, then, about this eighth issue?
>  Well, to put it bluntly, it has some sex in it.
> Okay, a lot of sex.  Sex that's described frankly,
> depicted graphically, and in the unromantic language
> of men's erotic literature.
>    Is it pornography?  No, because the aim of
> pornography is solely that of arousal; the aim of this
> issue of JOLT CITY, like all those before it, is to
> provide thought-provoking, sense-shattering
> entertainment, chock-full of mystery, suspense,
> humour, action, and interesting, compelling, realistic
> characters.
>    In "Panic in a Pretty Box!", certain aspects of
> Martin Rock's psyche and his past are explored through
> his sexual interactions with three very different
> women.  As always, I strive to focus on character
> development and exploration.
>    Why, then, do I use "the language of men's erotic
> literature"?
>    I could have employed the conventions of women's
> erotic literature: that is, to be euphemistic.  "He
> touched her mounds gingerly as she readied his rod of
> love; she parted her roast-beef curtains so that he
> could drive his pleasure-piston deeper and deeper into
> her hungry chasm."
>    But that sort of elegant variation is not only
> ridiculous, but also dishonest.  It's not dealing
> frankly or maturely with the subject matter, or with
> the human sexual act.
>    I also could have used the proper anatomical names
> for body parts.  "He touched her breasts gingerly as
> she readied his penis; she parted her labia majora and
> labia minora so that he could insert his penis deeper
> and deeper into her hungry vagina."
>    But these words are cold and they, too, engender
> snickering.  They're really just another way of
> talking around the act rather than allowing it to be
> immediate.
>    And so, I went for the most honest language
> possible.

Well, as of a third of the way through the issue Martin Rock has not -
as Clinton would say- had sexual relations with Dani.  Personally, I
think the word "penis" would have been fine in what I've read so far.
(When I hear the words "cock" and "pussy" I personally tend to
envision a rooster and a kitty.  Really.)


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