[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #40 - April 2007 [spoilers]

Andrew Burton tuglyraisin at aol.com
Sun May 13 19:34:37 PDT 2007

> I wonder if DD tries desperately to try and keep the world stable after
> the Godmarket, or if he goes off the deep end after the loss of his wife.
> I can't imagine Andrew or Dvandom not having considered the question.)

Without spoiling anything, everything in LL&DD is leading up to my
proposed post-Crash series "The Reverse Engineers," which is to say it's
been given a good bit of thought. :)

>     Lady Lawful doesn't get quite as much character development, but
> then it's early days yet.  A lot of what she does get in _LL & DD_ is
> second hand commentary, so we'll probably get to see how accurate Doctor
> Developer's understanding of her is.  And hopefully we'll also get to
> see what his real name is.

We will.  She gets a bit more screen time in LL&DD #2, and if all goes to
plan, #3 will be mostly about her.  Her real name is Jennifer (or Jenny)

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