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Haruto Nakamura: crime scene investigator.  Eri
Takahashi: police officer.  Keiko Suzuki: medical
examiner.  These are the men and women who are truly
the last line of defense in the city of Odong, Japan. 
But what about the freelance martial artists whose
cases they have to investigate?  Should they be
considered a help or a hindrance? 

                SUPERFREAKS SEASON 2 #9

                  SUPERFREAKS: JAPAN

                         PART I

9:02 am (local time in Japan)

  "What do we have here?" Detective Haruto Nakamura
  "He appears to have been crushed," Detective Eri
Takahashi said.
  "By what?"
  "That's what we were hoping you could tell us."
  Haruto looked at the body carefully.  He then
noticed that there were indentations in the road
around it.  "Look," he said as he pointed to them.
  "At what?"
  "Those look like toes and this looks like a heel."
  "So our victim was stepped on?"
  Haruto nodded.  "It would appear as though this man
was killed by Gonjira."
  Just then, Haruto's cell phone rang.  He answered
  "Moshi moshi."
  >>Are you busy?<<
  "Not really.  I just finished pointing out the
obvious here."
  >>You need to come down to the morgue.  I have
something to show you.<<
  Haruto wondered what Keiko Suzuki wanted to show him
but then figured she was just going to show him a
body.  And as much as he might have liked it to have
been Keiko's own body, he figured it was probably
going to be the body of somebody else, somebody dead.

9:31 am

  "What's so urgent?" he asked her.
  "This man you brought it didn't just have his throat
slashed by a knife: he had his entire head sliced
  "That's ridiculous," Haruto said.  "The head would
have fallen off when we moved the body and brought it
  Keiko raised her eyebrow.  "Really?  Take a look at
this then."  She yanked to the head ever so slightly
and it popped off.  "The head was sliced off but it
didn't fall off so when the blood clotted the head was
stuck there."
  "Amazing!  What kind of blade would cut so finely as
to leave the head still attached?"
  "Only a katana blade.  The kind that ninjas use."
  "Are we talking an antique blade?"
  "Not necessarily.  It could be one manufactured by
the Ginsu company."
  "A Ginsu katana blade, eh?"

1:04 am

  "The reason we asked you to come down," Haruto said
to the Master Ninja, "is because we have a body in the
morgue who appears to have been killed by a Ginsu
katana blade."
  "Are you accusing me...?"
  "If you don't mind, we would like to test your blade
for blood."
  "That would be acceptable," the Ninja Master said. 
"And after I have co-operated and I have been proven
innocent then can I go?"
  "Not just yet," Haruto said.
  "But surely you realize that Ginsu katana blades are
not that hard to come by.  They can even be purchased
through the home shopping channel."
  "I realize that," Haruto said, "but to deliver the
force necessary to remove a human head with one blow
takes considerable skill.  I thought you might know
who besides yourself might possess such skill."
  "Any of my students," the Ninja Master said proudly.
  "Can you give me any names?"
  The Ninja Master frowned.  "My students value their
  Haruto smiled.  "Under the circumstances, I don't
think we would have any trouble getting a warrant."
  The Ninja Master nodded.  "Very well.  I can provide
you with a list of names.  Perhaps you would like to
accompany me back to my dojo and I can give it to
  "That would be fine."

  Meanwhile, somewhere deep in space, General Kaiko
had an audience with Lord Kouto.
  "Lord Kouto," he said.  "What is your bidding?"
  "General Kaito!  You have failed me again!"
  "Yes, Lord Kouto!  My apologies!  Once again I was
defeated by the Power Scouts!"
  "How can it be that my finest General is constantly
being defeated by a group of teenaged human girls?"
  "We must not underestimate their raw power, Lord
Kouto!  They may be young but they are formidable
  Lord Kouto nodded.  "In that case, we need to up the
ante a bit!  This time when you attack Earth you shall
pilot this world's finest giant robot warrior!"
  "You mean...?"
  "Yes, General Kaiko!  Not even the Power Scouts can
defeat the mighty Golnorak!"

                       PART II

7:01 am

  "Yoko!  Get up!  Do you want to be late for school?"
  Yoko Takahashi opened her eyes and saw her father
standing next to her bed.
  "You need to be in school by eight o'clock!  You
need to get up now or else you won't have time to eat
  "Yes dad."  Yoko wished she could tell her father
her secret.  Perhaps he would understand.  After all,
as a Power Scout she protected the whole world from
alien invaders just as he, as the head of the local
precinct, protected Odong from dangerous criminals.
  "Now, young lady!"
  Yoko reluctantly sat up and got out of bed.
  "That's better.  Now hurry up!"

8:32 am

  Yoko was in class when her cell phone rang.
  "Who's cell phone is that?" the teacher asked.
  Yoko stood up.  "It's mine, teacher," she said.
  "Please switch off your cell phone when you are in
  "A thousand pardons, teacher," she said.  "I was
expecting an important phone call.  Could I please be
excused for class while I go answer it?"
  "No you may not!"
  "Please, teacher!" she said, bowing to him.  "It may
be an emergency."
  "What sort of emergency?"
  "A life or death emergency, teacher.  I promise you
I would not ask such a thing if it weren't so
  The teacher nodded.  "Very well.  But return to
class when the matter is settled."
  "I will, teacher.  Thank you!"
  Yoko left class and proceeded to the bathroom where
she answered her phone.
  "This had better be imprtant, Mading!" she said.
  >>It is!  General Kaiko is attacking Earth!<<
  >>I need all of the Power Scouts to come here right
  Yoko sighed.  "Alright."
  She hung up the phone and put it back in her pocket.
 She then extended her rams and started to spin
around.  As she did this, her school uniform was
magically transformed into a purple costume that was
similar in style to her uniform except that her skirt
was now so short that her white panties would be
revealed whenever there was the slightest breeze.  
  Her costume change now complete, she then took out a
make up case and held it up above her.  She then
started spinning it around so that the powder dropped
down onto her.  The powder started to sparkle as it
landed on her.  Soon her entire body was glowing
white.  Then she was gone.

8:40 am

  Yoko met up with the other Power Scouts (Riko, Miko,
Kiko and Haruna) at Power Scouts Headquarters.
  "Good to see you all here!" Mading said.
  "You said General Kaiko was attacking," Yoko said.
  "So I did."
  "Again?" Riko asked.
  "Will he never learn?" Miko asked.
  "No matter how many times he comes we will be ready
for him!" kiko said.
  "What is his plan this time?" Haruna asked.
  "He is coming to Earth aboard Golnorak, which is a
fifty foot giant robot?"
  "How will we stop a fifty foot giant robot?" Yoko
  "With a fifty foot giant robot of your own."
  "Huh?" Riko asked.
  Mading smiled.  "Each of you is blessed with your
own virtue and, hence, your own powers.  Yoko, the
Purple Scout, your virtue is passion.  Riko, the White
Scout, your virtue is innocence.  Miko, the Red Scout,
your virtue is love.  Kiko, the Blue Scout, your
virtue is determination.  And Haruna, the Pink Scout,
your virtue is joy.  Together you have been undefeated
against everything General Kaito has ever sent us.
  "But today your powers will not be enough.  I knew
this day would come, Power Scouts, and I prepared for
it!  Behold, Power Scouts, your vehicles await you! 
Each vehicle matches the colour of the Power Scout
which will pilot it!  These vehicles will take you to
face Golnorak!  And when you do face it, the five
vehicles will assemble into the mighty Power Warrier! 
Good luck power scouts!"
  "We shall not disappoint you, Mading!" they said in
unison.  Then they each jumped into the air, hovered
momentarily and each fell into the cockpit of the
craft specially designed for each of them.
  Mading watched them all intently as they did this.
  "I love my job!" he said with a smile.

  The Power Vehicles were soon in the air and were
heading to face Golnorak.  As soon as they spotted
Golnorak, the five vehicles assembled into one giant
robot, the Power Warrier!
  "So, Power Scouts!" General Kaito said.  "I see you
have come prepared with a giant robot of your own!"
  "Yes, General Kaito!" Yoko said.  "We are ready for
  "Ha ha ha!" General Kaito said.  "We shall see!"
  Golnorak attacked the Power Warrier.  The Power
Scouts had not had a lot of practice piloting the
Power Warrier so they appeared to be no match for
  "Ha ha ha!" General Kaito said.  "Today is the day I
will finally defeat the Power Scouts!"
  "Never!" Yoko said.  "Are you with me, Power
  "Hai!" her fellow Power Scouts said.
  "Let's take this big bully down!"
  The Power Warrier's fists struck at Golnorak and
caused it to step backwards.  The Power Warrier then
produced and enormous energy sword and stuck at
Golnorak, slicing it in half.
  "No!" General Kaito said.
  Golnorak exploded... but not before a small lifeboat
zoomed away.
  "I'll be back, Power Scouts!" he said.
  "We did it!" Yoko said.
  "Yay!" all of her teammates said.

  Just then, the Power Scouts spotted a new menace: a
fifty foot tall walking lizard!
  "It's Gonjira!" Riko said.
  "What should we do?" Haruna asked.
  "We should destroy it!" Kiko said.
  "Why?" Miko asked.  "Maybe it just wants to be left
  "No," Yoko said.  "My father told us last night over
dinner that Gonjira killed a man yesterday.  We must
destroy it.  Are you with me?"
  "Hai!" they all said.
  "Then let's do this!"
  The Power Warrier attacked Gonjira but Gonjira just
brushed off the Power Warrier's blows.  Gonjira then
attacked the Power Warrier with its fire breath.
  "It's too much!" Yoko said.  "Systems are
  The Power Warrier collapsed.  With the Power Warrier
defeated, Gonjira just continued walking through Odong

                       PART III

1:02 pm (the same day)

  Yoko woke up in Odong City Hospital.  Her father,
Odong City Chief Detective Eri Takahashi, was there.
  "Father!" she said.
  "What were you doing, my daughter!  You could have
been killed!"
  "Father, I am a Power Scout!  I defend the Earth
from alien invasions!'
  Her father scoffed.  "You are a high school
  "Where are my friends?"
  "They were all seriously hurt and are all being kept
under observation at this hospital."
  "I must go to them!'
  "No!  You yourself may be hurt!  Wait until the
doctor comes to see you!"
  "I'm fine," she said.  "I have healed myself
already.  I can heal them too!"
  Eri shook his head.  "I will hear no more of this
nonsense!  You will stay here until the doctor says
you can go home!"
  He left.
  Yoko looked around the room and saw her make up case
on the table.  Good!  She would be able to save her
friends!  She got out of bed, spun around and her
hospital gown was magically transformed into her Power
Scout costume.  She then sprinkled the powder from her
makeup case over herself and disappeared.
  She reappeared in Kiko's room.  Kiko laid there in
bed unconscious with an IV tube coming out of her arm.
 Yoko simply stood next to her bed and placed her
hands on her head and stomach.  Her hands glowed. 
Then Kiko awoke.
  "Are yiu okay, Kiko?" Yoko asked.
  "I am now.  Thanks."
  Kiko changed into her Power Scout costume.  Then
Yoko and Kiko went to Haruna's room annd healed her. 
The three of them then went to Miko's room.  Finally,
the five of them, all completely healthy, were
gathered in Riko's room.
  "We must go after Gonjira!" Yoko said.  "Are you
with me?"
  "Hai!" her teammates all said.
  "Then let's go!"
  They all waved their makeup cases and disappeared.
1:58 pm

  "There he is," Yoko said.  "Gonjira."
  "How will we defeat him?" Riko asked.  "We couldn't
defeat him before and that's when we were the Power
  "And yet we shall defeat him!" Kiko said.
  "Perhaps we need help," Miko said.
  "But who can help us?" Haruna asked.
  "I will help you."
  The Power Scouts all turned to see who had spoken.
  "It's the Master Ninja!" Yoko said.
  The Master Ninja bowed at them.
  "But aren't ninjas killers?" Riko asked.
  "Ninjitsu is a martial art," the Master Ninja said,
"and all martial arts can be used for both good and
  "Even tai chi?" Haruna asked.  "Has there ever been
an evil tai chi master?"
  The Ninja Master nodded.  "Okay," he conceeded,
"ninjitsu is more deadly than tai chi, but like tai
chi it is merely a tool.  I am offering you my help."
  "How can you help us?" Miko asked.
  The Ninja Master drew his Ginsu katana blade.  "My
blade can cut into the monster's heart!"
  "Do it!" Haruna said.
  "Very well," the Ninja Master said.  He then lept
into the air and, before falling back to the ground,
drove his blade into Gonjira's chest.
  "It hasn't stopped him," Yoko said.
  "Use your powers!" the Ninja Master told them.  "Aim
for the sword!"
  The Power Scouts did as the Ninja Master had asked,
using the combined power of their determination,
passion, love, joy and innocence, they managed to fell
the beast.
  "Is it dead?" Riko asked.
  The Ninja Master shook his head.  "No, merely
stunned."  He retrieved his sword.
  "What now?" Kiko asked.
  "It is up to the civilian authorities to decide what
to do with Gonjira.  Perhaps they can take him to an
island where he won't hurt anybody."
  "That would be nice," Miko said.
  "Master Ninja," Yoko said.  "I need to ask you a
  "Yes?" the Master Ninja said.
  "You are obviously a force of good but if ninjitsu
can also be used for evil then should you really be
teaching it?"
  The Master Ninja nodded sadly.  "Perhaps I need to
be more careful in the future when I choose my

  Meanwhile, at Odong International Airport, people
started to check in for the next flight to Pepperton.
  "Passport and ticket, please."
  "I'm sorry, sir, but you can't bring a katana blade
onto the plane."
  "You can check it in if you like and you will get it
back when you arrive in Pepperton."
  "Very well."
  "Is your trip to Pepperton business or pleasure?"
  "Business... and pleasure," he said with a smile.

                    TO BE CONTINUED


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