LNH/META: What are the LNH's Ages?

Eagle eagle at eyrie.org
Thu Mar 29 16:28:31 PDT 2007

In alt.comics.lnh, Dave Van Domelen <dvandom at haven.eyrie.org> writes:

>      Usenet II - LNH split into related imprints, like NTB and OSD
>      Usenet III - The cambrian explosion of RACC, with Patrol, Omega,
>           Crossroads, ASH, etc.  Plus Superguy crossposting a lot.

I could have sworn OSD as an actual imprint came after at least Patrol and
Omega.  Although this is all very fuzzy memory at this point.

Not that we ever posted very much to the OSD imprint.  I was going to
write a story at some point....  :)

>      Usenet VI - Potential migration to a blog-based or webboard based
>           community?  Or, at least, closer ties to them.

Y'all who want to do that have fun.  I'll be over here keeping the lights
on.  :)

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