LNH/META: What are the LNH's Ages?

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I think the easiest way to determine ages is to ask the
question "What series was Dave van Domelen working on
when you began posting?"  (By that standard, I came in
toward the beginning of the Constellation Age and shortly
before his Patrol work, I think).

> What are your thoughts on when the Golden Age of the LNH was?

I'm sure that all of us like to think of the time when
we joined as being a golden age.  It certainly felt that
way for me back in '93, with an enormous variety of
authors (Dvandom, Drizzt, Ken Schmidt, Hubert Bartels,
Jameel, Jeff McCoskey, Martin, Saint, Ken Wilcox... the
list goes on and on) writing, debating and providing
feedback and advice, and an amazing group of new writers
(Pete Milan, Matt Rossi, Marie Antoon and the young Mr.
Spitzer, among others) making me feel like I was really
part of something exciting.

Looking back at some of the archives, it seems as though
the LNH went through a kind of renaissance during
Retcon Hour and again around mid-1997 (both times, oddly
enough, when I was without Internet access).

Rather than dwell on that, however, I want to point out
that (in my opinion at least), the LNH never really
went through a dark age.  That's because of the efforts
of a lot of people, but I'd like to offer a tip of the
hat to Tom and Martin.  During those long stretches of
time when it seemed as though hardly anyone was
writing anything, I could almost always count on an
LNH-related post by Tom or Martin, even if it turned
out to be a discussion of one's work by the other. *8-)
And I appreciate that.  I think one reason why so many
LNH authors keep returning, year after year, is that
there's always someone around to keep the home fires

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Despite all his "R" Age, is still just a rat in a cage

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