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On Feb 28, 3:48 am, "Tarq" <mitchell_cro... at caladrius.com.au> wrote:
> > Bob and Charlie #1
> I really liked it. But I thought it was a bit... premature, I suppose.
> I don't really grasp what's going on, just that _someone's_ really
> badass with an AK-47 and a combat knife. I was, and still am, sorely
> tempted to make a "That's not a knife -- _that's_ a knife" gag, but I
> really can't much be bothered to think that hard. Brain no work good
> kaput.

First, thank you.  I write what feels good, when it feels good.  This
felt _really_ good when I wrote it.
Aside from the knowledge that we are in the Vietnam War, I don't think
we're meant to know what's going on.  That's certainly the feeling I
I was so tempted to write that gag, it's not funny!

> The writing was great -- and it leaves me hungering for more. Which is
> what I'll just assume the intention was. And if it was, as I believe,
> you did it really well.

Yup, and thank you.  It has become more of a running joke in the past
couple of months, but Bob and Charlie is what it is-- more constrained
writing.  Written on a single piece of lined paper, the same as No-
Point Lad and Dismal-Hope Kid.  Except much better.  Much, much
better.  I think it fits BAC better than No-Point Lad.  (I realized
later on with No-Point Lad that I couldn't really write with those
limits, and later moved to a page-and-a-half.  That was with the last
two issues, which were the best.)  It would certainly be easier to
write a quick and violent action scene than it would be with punk kids
trying to solve a mystery while dealing with their own problems.
(Now, if a No-Point Lad story would just stick around for a little, I
think I'd have an easier time with it.)  Back when I was still writing
No-Point Lad, I had to think on the issue.  I had to have a basic idea
of what I wanted for it; I also needed a good idea of the end of the
issue and the beginning of the next, and so on.  BAC is kind of like
that.  I think I can be a little loose with BAC idea wise.  Now comes
the part where people read and enjoy.

> Here's looking forward to the next Bob and Charlie.
> ~Mitchell.

Maybe I'll post it later tonight or tomorrow.

> PS. Also, interestingly enough, if you get the acronym of Bob and
> Charlie, BAC, that's the first three letters of the alphabet in a
> different order. I just thought that that was awesome enough to point
> out. But hey, I spend my time looking at number and letter
> configurations on number plates, so don't mind me.

Two odd, but real stories:
A few days had gone by after I finished writing #1.  I was stuck for
ideas on #2.  There'd been a bad storm a day earlier, which knocked
out our phone line and quite a few others on the block as well.  An
unaffected neighbor called the phone company, who sent out a truck to
fix the lines.  The main whatchamacalitt was in the back yard.  So,
the guy backed in his truck.  I notice the license plate right off.
Take a wild guess as to what it was and it'll freak you out.

Story #2:
My parents until recently had consecutive license plates.  Example:
ABC 12 and ABC 13.  Weird the both of them, huh?

Tim Munn
Weirded Out

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