LNH/META: April Leader for a Day Month?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 13 19:21:42 PDT 2007

So far this is how it looks....

Apr 1 Fearless Leader -- Arthur Spitzer
Apr 2 Irony Man -- Martin Phipps
Apr 3 Catalyst Lass -- Tom Russell
Apr 4 Captain Continuity -- Martin Phipps

Apr 8 Self-Righteous Preacher -- Arthur Spitzer

Apr 29 California Kid -- Arthur Spitzer
Apr 30 Cannon Fodder -- Arthur Spitzer and Rob Rogers

Sister State the Obvious -- Martin Phipps
Dr.Stomper -- Martin Phipps
Captain Clean-up -- Martin Phipps
Adamant-Authority-On-Everything -- Rob Rogers
Frat Boy -- Rob Rogers
Ordinary Lady -- Rob Rogers
Easily Discovered Man -- Rob Rogers
Faq Boy -- Jamas Enright
Writer's Block Woman -- Jaelle

???? -- Mitchell "Tarq" Crouch

So far 16 spots have been reserved...

Leaving 14 open...

Finished with the Fearless Leader story...

Work on Self-Righteous Preacher next...

Martin "Speed Demon" Phipps has already
finished his... :)

Arthur "Plenty of Room" Spitzer

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