LNH/META: April Leader for a Day Month?

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 03:45:24 PST 2007

On Mar 8, 3:06 pm, "Tarq" <mitchell_cro... at caladrius.com.au> wrote:
> On Mar 8, 1:45 pm, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> > Oh, go ahead and do it... the characters won't bite you...
> > They're used to being mishandled and abused....
> > It's no big deal if you get a character wrong...
> > You could always send the story to someone like me (or Tom, or Martin)
> > for a look over...
> Yeah, good point. Sure, I'll give it a go. =) Five or six issues may
> be a bit heavy, though.

Well... let's see...

Tom, Rob, me, you, Arthur, Saxon, Jamas... we could all put dibs on
four characters each.  I'd choose Irony Man, Sister State-the-Obvious,
Captain Continuity and Doctor Stomper.  I hereby give Tom permission
to do Master Blaster.  That would be funny.  I assume he'd want to do
Wikiboy.  He's already volunteered to do Catalyst Lass.  Saxon could
do both Limpy and Occultism Kid.  Arthur's volunteered to do Self
Righteous Preacher.  We all assume Rob's going to use Lite.  I don't
know about Jamas.  The first issue needs to be cleared by Dave Van
Domelan.  We haven't heard from Dave yet: he might want to write the
story in which Fearless Leader becomes leader.  At least one issue
should be written by committee by the people who know what's actually
going on.

> On Mar 8, 5:02 am, EDMLite wrote:
> >Also, what do you think of having a running gag be that Fearless
> >Leader is the one Legionnaire who's NEVER chosen to be the leader, despite
> >his obvious qualifications?
> If they realised that the leader was being abducted early enough, it
> would make sense that they wouldn't let Fearless Leader take the job.
> If all the LNHers _but_ Fearless Leader realised this (for whatever
> reason), it could make the gag doubly as amusing as FL pushes harder
> and harder to get 'elected' (assuming that that's how they choose who
> would lead for a day?) whilst everyone else tries harder and harder to
> dissuade him. Although I can't think of a reason as to why they
> wouldn't just explain it to him.

What I don't understand is why Fearless Leader wouldn't be appointed
leader by Ultimate Ninja for the month he is away.  Fearless Leader
vanishes, thereby creating the problem.  Irony Man would be the next
logical step with Catalyst Lass arguing that she should be the one in
charge.  Irony Man insists at 11:59 PM that nothing is going to happen
to him.  Then he disappears.  Enter Catalyst Lass.

> Also, I think it would be suitable if Bad Timing Boy was the leader
> and abducted just after they figured out what was going on, or they'd
> just figured it out and wondering who to make leader when Bad Timing
> Boy walked in. The latter is probably more realistic, because there's
> really no other reason to make BTB the _leader of the LNH_.

Ooooh.  Good one!  Dropping Captain Cleanup from the list.

> I think we also need to figure out who the decision-making 'they' are
> -- obviously we can't have the entire LNH make appearances. A lot of
> the characters who suggested names for Cauliflower would probably be
> there, though. It would be a good starting point for a 'council' of
> sorts, methinks.

Obviously Adamant-Authority-On-Everything and Anthing You Can Do I Can
Do Better Lad (aka Andy Best) would push for themselves to be chosen
as leaders.  Theory Man would also be somebody who would be a
candidate but people would reject him because his theories are always
wrong.  Then again, he'd manage to win teh American popular vote with
a stand against gay marriage. :P


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