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Superfreaks is set in Pepperton, a fictional city much
like New York.


Michael King, Detective, head crime scene investigator
at the Pepperton police department and supervisor for
Detective Mary Jones, lab technition Edward Bailey and
sketch artist Frank Lopez.

Mary Jones, Detective, crime scene investigator at the
Pepperton police department.  Mary specializes in
field research in addition to crime scene

Edward Bailey, lab technician for the Pepperton police
department.  Edward specializes in trace analysis, DNA
analysis, on line research and just about any other
application of computers to forensics.

Frank Lopez, sketch artist for the Pepperton police

John Phelps, senior detective at the Pepperton Police
department, ostensively Michael King's supervisor
assumes no direct authority over the CSI division.
Does give orders to officers Johnston and Jackson

Mark Johnston, police officer for the Pepperton police

Thomas Jackson, rookie police officer and partner for
Mark Johnston.

Naomi Chen, receptionist at the desk at the Pepperton
Police Department.

Jack Greenspan, medical examiner for the Pepperton
police department.

Alan Russell, district attorney for Pepperton.

Cliff Murdock, prosecutor working for the district
attorney's office of Pepperton and hence answering to
Alan Russell.

Samuel Leonard, psychiatrist used by the office of the
district attorney in Pepperton to determine the
fitness of suspects to stand trial.

Lana Lewis and Oscar Unger, FBI Agents.

Wendy Wang, reporter for the Daily World, a newspaper
published in Pepperton.

Kenneth Clark, reporter for the Daily World and the
mild-mannered alter ego of the superhero Extreme.

The Super Soldier, Extreme's immediate superior in the
Extreme Force Six, a government run superteam
operating out of Pepperton.

Kenneth Kendal, the Human Spider, current member of
the Extreme Force Six.

Logan Garfield, Weapon Alpha, current member of the
Extreme Force Six.

Mr. G., a member of the Extreme Force Six and a
horrible Black male stereotype.

Amazing Woman, amazon, former mentor of Amazing Girl,
current member of the Extreme Force Six and founding
member of the original Extreme Force Six.

Gary Alda, formerly Mr. Quick, a founding member of
the original Extreme Force Six and mentor for Quick

Christopher Prince, the Archer (deceased), a founding
member of the original Extreme Force Six and mentor
for Arrow Boy.

Johnathon Jenner, Night Man (deceased), a founding
member of the original Extreme Force Six and mentor
for Moon Boy.

Waterlord, a founding member of the original Extreme
Force Six and mentor for Water Boy.

Greggory Dickenson, Moon Boy, former sidekick of Night
Man and former member of Electric Youth.

Bonnie Crow, Amazing Girl, former sidekick of Amazing
Woman and former member of Electric Youth, now married
with children.

Harry Roy, formerly Arrow Boy -a member of Electric
Youth- and now the new Archer, having taken on the
mantle of his mentor after he was killed by the
Brotherhood of Masters.  He is currently being held
under psychiatric observation after showing no remorse
for his killing of Edward Alexander Goodhead, the
leader of the Brotherhood.

Reject, Eliminator, Extreme Junior and Bizarre Extreme:
the Extreme clones.

Professor Stephen Stomper of Pepperton University,
a master of the mystic arts.

Doctor Carlos Javier, a man devoted to the training of
young mutants including Scott Grey, Jean Summers,
Betsy Monroe (deceased), Kurt Rasputin and Martin
Mylar (deceased).

The Pepperton Protector aka Nathan Grey, the son
of Scott Grey and Jean Summers from the future.
Katherine Phelps, telepath and daugher of John Phelps.
Suri Das, psychic, presumably capable of seeing into
the future.

Leroy Laurel, defense attorney.

Kevin Matthews, judge.

Robert and Diana Ramirez, Carlos Faulkner, Adam Evers,
Raymond Heck, Bryce Banner, Charles and Ellie Spender,
Andrew Best, Master Ninja and Mading: the Extreme Fan Club.
Terry Stern: founder of the Extreme Fan Club, now facing charges for
killing Carlos Faulkner.

General Zon, from Neon.

Jim Morgan and Colin McKenzie, detectives in Pepperton during the
eighties.  Jim is now Pepperton Police Commissioner and Colin is dead.

Quinton Macy, Pepperton Chief medical examiner back in the eighties.

Darren Kent, Pepperton District Attorney back in the eighties.
Jacob Bailey, son of Edward and Mary Bailey, head CSI in Pepperton in
the year 2048.

Monica King, daughter of Michael King and Lana Lewis, assistant CSI in
Pepperton in the year 2048.

ST.AN.L.E.E. = Standard Android Law Enforcement Edition, assistant CSI
in Pepperton in the year 2048.

Terry Lopez, son of Frank Lopez and Naomi Chen, Junior CSI in
Pepperton in the year 2048.

Richard Russell, son of Alan Russell and assistant medical examiner in
Pepperton in the year 2048.

Haruto Nakamura, crime scene investigator is the fictional Japanese
city of Odong.

Eri Takahashi, police officer in the fictional Japanese city of Odong.
Keiko Suzuki, medical examiner in the fictional Japanese city of

Yoko Takahashi, daughter of Eri Takahashi and a member (along with
Riko, Miko, Kiko and Haruna) of Power Scouts.

Lord Kouto and General Kaito, arch enemies of the Power Scouts.

Richard Reed, scientist in Pepperton.

Peter Hanks, scientist in Pepperton, now deceased.

Franklin Reed, son of Richard Reed and a scientist in Pepperton in the
year 2048.

Alan Hanks, son of Peter Hanks and a scientist in Pepperton in the
year 2048.

Jeff Kogutt and Todd Kolodziej, detectives in an alternative future

Ethan Stanley Boyle, occult expert and daemon hunter.

Vegas Vindicator and Miami Manhunter, heroes in the year 2048.

The Brotherhood of Masters currently consists of
Snake, Madame Scarlet, Don Navarro, General Lee,
Cockroach and the Crimson Cape.  Snake recently became
the leader of the group following the death of E. A.
Goodhead.  Don Navarro has the power to produce and
throw balls of fire.  Madame Scarlet's power is telekinesis.
The Crimson Cape has a cape which is pitch black underneath.
General Lee is super strong.  Cockroach just carries a gun.

Fusion, Devastatus, Heracles, Mr. Uoykcuf, Insomniac, allies of Zon
and the Brotherhood of Masters during Operation Secret Galactic Crisis-
War of Infinitely Legendary Storm

Beyoniter and Anti-Beyoniter: alt.versions of Deja Dude formed when
Deja Dude absorbed the power of God (as revealed in the LNH / LNHY /
Superfreaks crossover).

Mitchell Spitz, current CEO of Goodhead Corporation (following the
deaths of Edward Alexender Goodhead, Edward Alexander Goodhead Junior
and Joel Byrne, respectively).


Michael King... Gary Sinise (from CSI: New York)
John Phelps... Rex Linn (from CSI: Miami)
Mark Johnston... Eddie Cahill (from CSI: New York)
Thomas Jackson... Eric Szmanda (from CSI)
Jack Greenspan... Robert David Hall (from CSI)
Mary Jones... Anna Belknap (from CSI: New York)
Edward Bailey... Carmine Giovinazzo (from CSI: New York)
Alan Russell... a younger Sam Waterson (from Law and Order)
Lana Lewis... Melina Kanakaredes (from CSI: New York)
Oscar Unger... Michael B. Silver (from CSI: Miami)
Cliff Murdock... Jon Favreau (from Daredevil)
Leroy Laurel... Taye Diggs (from Kevin Hill)
Katherine Phelps... Hayden Panettiere (from Heroes)
Samuel Leonard... Dr Phil :)


Season 1
1. Superfreaks #1
2. Superfreaks #2
3. Night Man and Moon Boy (told as a flashback)
4. Superfreaks #3
5. Superfreaks #4
6. Superfreaks #5
7. Superfreaks #6
8. Superfreaks #7
9. Superfreaks #8
10. Superfreaks #9
11. Superfreaks #10
12. Superfreaks #11
13. Superfreaks #12
14. Superfreaks #13 ("Dreams")
15. Superfreaks #14
16. Superfreaks #15
17. Superfreaks #16
18. Superfreaks #17
19. Superfreaks #18
20. Superfreaks #19
21. Superfreaks #20
22. Superfreaks #21 ("Final Preparations")

Season 2
1. Silver Age #1
2. Silver Age #2
3. Silver Age #3
4. Silver Age #4
5. Silver Age #5
6. Season 2 #1
7. Season 2 #2
8. Season 2 #3
9. Season 2 #4
10. Season 2 #5 ("Fusion")
11. Season 2 #6
12. Season 2 #7
13. Season 2 #8
14. Season 2 #9 ("Superfreaks Japan")
15. Season 2 #10
16. Season 2 #11
17. Season 2 #12
18. Season 2 #13
19. Season 2 #14
20. Season 2 #15
21. Season 2 #16 ("Superfreaks 2048")
22. Season 2 #17  ("Superfreaks Forever")


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