[REVIEW/ACRA] End of Month Reviews #41 - May 2007 [spoilers]

Tim Munn drtimphd at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 00:32:08 PDT 2007

> Bob And Charlie #2
> A Boring Productions [BP] series
> by Tim Munn
>      Intriguing.  With a single sentence at the start of this issue
> that describes the end of the fight:>There was no second wave, which saddened Bob deeply.
> Tim manages to convey the fact that Bob isn't fully sane.  From there
> almost everything in the rest of the story, which is narrated from
> Bob's point of view if not by Bob directly, is thrown into doubt.
>      After the fight last issue, Bob watches as a flight of helicopters
> Arrives, lead by his purported nemesis General Starkey, to bring him to
> Saigon.  Bob reflects that the General is not acting normally, and
> wonders if this may be a sign of further deterioration into madness.
> Me, I was wondering if this was a sign of Bob projecting his psychosis
> onto others.  Still, at the end we get a closing shot of Charlie
> fuming, and it would seem that at least part of Bob's paranoia may be
> justified.  Clearly, it's going to be a game of untangling exactly where
> reality and fantasy, not to mention the facts after they've been mangled
> by propaganda, lie.

That opening line was what really stuck with me through the writing of
Bob and Charlie #2.  That and the odd occurunce in my reply to
Mitchell from BAC #1.  The only bad thing I could think about this was
it came in super-small chunks-- maybe a line or two and a little
more-- in just over two weeks.  It nearly drove /me/ insane!
I thought the end was a little hokey at first and almost re-wrote it.
I was lazy at the time, and decided against a rewrite, instead telling
myself to push forward with #3 (which took almost a year!)  But it's
in there now, and luckily it worked.
I like that last line.  Wow...


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