LNH/META: Third Biggest Jerk in the Legion?

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 10 13:22:44 PDT 2007

Hey, kids!  Do you want to help Tom Russell write LNHCP # 66-- the
thirty-first part of the Infinite Leadership Crisis?

"Sure, Tom!  How can I help?"

Well, I have a line of dialogue in need of a legionnaire to say it.
That line is:

"Well, let's go dig up the corpse."

Usually, when I need someone to say something this shocking/
insensitive, I rely on the dynamic duo of Master Blaster or Sarcastic
Lad.  But with both of them taken out of action previously in the
Infinite Leadership Crisis, I'm left with a blank.

And so, I'm asking you-- the dedicated fans of the LNH-- to help me
come up with the third biggest jerk in the Legion-- one who hasn't
disappeared in the first thirty days of the crisis.  Special thanks
will be given to he (or she) that comes up with the best answer.


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