LNH: An Important Public Service Announcement!

Tarq mitchell_crouch at caladrius.com.au
Sun Jun 10 00:45:45 PDT 2007

On Jun 10, 1:53 pm, Tom Russell <milos_par... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On Jun 9, 10:38 pm, Lalo Martins <lalo.mart... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On the other hand, IMHO the "way the LNH works" is actually authors and
> > readers having fun.  If everybody enjoys it, then it's right.  And
> > anything that doesn't work so well, can get reversed later.
> I agree with your definition.  And again, to be clear, I'm not saying
> that there's anything wrong with this story, or that it shouldn't
> happen-- I'm just expressing my own personal opinion/misgivings, which
> are probably unfounded.

This may just be my own denial, but I'm choosing to see the LNH
Registration as more of an act of desperation; they need some more
manpower, or, hey, everyone dies and gets dead. I don't see any
specific 'Civil War'-esque elements to it other than the registration
itself, and the fact that people may have differing views on it.
Enough to have an actual net.hero war? I don't think so. I just can't
see the disfunctional members of the Legion who work so well together
being at each others throats. They're like a family, in the sense that
most normal people in society couldn't stand to be in a room with one
of them for too long, but _they do_.

What's more, they already have a giant fight with Dekay and Diskolor
coming up. Even if they do disagree with each other in extreme ways,
they're not going to risk dooming the world for a little bit of "No,
listen, I'm not quite sure that that was a very good idea...". I just
don't think a Pro-Registration LNH vs. Anti-Registration LNH would
work. I mean, heck, it's not as if they really have super-secret
identities anyway.

That's my view, anyway. I think the Countdown should focus more on
preparing and bringing the LNH together than taking it apart.

> ==Tom


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