LNH: An Important Public Service Announcement!

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 19:38:51 PDT 2007

Also spracht Tom Russell (Sun, 10 Jun 2007 01:15:08 +0000):
> I guess I'm just against this kind of huge-scale world-building in the
> LNH as a matter of principal.  I like the fact that for much of the last
> ten or fifteen years, there's been very little change.

Actually, you may have a fair point here.  I love world-building.  But it 
can be argued that it's not "how the LNH works".

On the other hand, IMHO the "way the LNH works" is actually authors and 
readers having fun.  If everybody enjoys it, then it's right.  And 
anything that doesn't work so well, can get reversed later.

My own point of view is somewhere in-between.  I think, exactly because 
the LNH didn't usually do a lot of world-building, it would be fun to get 
off the track and do it for an year or a little more.  At least for me, 
the whole countdown thing is part of the celebration of the 15th and 16th 
anniversaries; 15th sounds more meaningful to humans, while 16th is more 
to computers.  And 16th is, in many places, driving and voting age.  
Anyway, I ramble; it must be Tarq's fault...  :-D

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