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On Jun 9, 5:46 pm, Lalo Martins <lalo.mart... at gmail.com> wrote:

> On the other hand, the act (I suggested calling it the "Net.Hero
> Responsibility Act", dunno if Arthur is using it) is only one of the plot
> aspects of our countdown.  There's more, and most of it is worse.  
> Remember there's an election coming up.
> I suppose you could argue that what we're doing is parodying the trend of
> having nearly everything in the hero world go to hell and disintegrate --
> see Avengers Disassembled, Countdown to IC, then of course Civil War, and
> next World War Hulk).

I'm not saying the story is going to be bad.  I was opposed to the
"leader disappearing at midnight" gimmick in ILC-- but a number of
really good stories came out of it.  And my own story-- the Catalyst
Lass episode-- was much better with the gimmick worked in than the one
I had planned initially.

So I'll definitely, in some way, be a part of Beige Midnight and its
countdown.  Especially with the political angle-- after all, Haiku
Gorilla _is_ a Senator, and he might, perhaps, be considering the
nation's highest office...

> Also -- another twist in the LNH's registration, I don't know if everyone
> noticed the important detail, is that registration is handled by the
> LNH.  This has some good overtones, potentially at least, while on the
> other hand it's also a bit creepy, in which it means all LNHers are
> automatically already registered, even if they're against registration.

I guess I'm just against this kind of huge-scale world-building in the
LNH as a matter of principal.  I like the fact that for much of the
last ten or fifteen years, there's been very little change.

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