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Fri Jun 8 17:08:31 PDT 2007

On Friday 8 June 2007 Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at earthlink.net> replied:

>Saxon Brenton wrote:
>>My first impulse is to teleport Irony Man out to beyond the orbit
>>of Neptune, making sure that mid transit half the atoms of his
>>body mass mirror flip into antimatter.
>So I take it Limp Asparagus Lad isn't going to be on the 'sending kids to 
>concentration camps' side... :)

<glares at Arthur>  I dunno.  Limp-Aspargaus Lad tries to be sensible.
He might be willing to join Irony Man, providing a compelling enough
piece of logic could be presented.  (think of it as the LNH equivalent
of Justice being in the Initiative, despite all the propaganda bulls#@t
that they're using the 'New Warriors' name for.

The problem is that when I get off my my backside and start writing
again, I'm coming into the final phase of the storyline that I've been
planning for the last decade... and Irony Man might not WANT
Limp-Asparagus Lad on his side.  bad juju is coming.

Retcon Lad and Fourth Wall Lass, however, are automatic 'anti's


>Hmm.  I wonder who's going to be on Irony Man's side...
>Obnoxious Ame.rec.an Boy?
>Self-Righteous Preacher?
>Adamant Authority on Everything?
>Arthur "Hard to win with that as your base" Spitzer

A good point, but if I may offer this observation: one of the
flaws of Marvel's SRA story was that a lot of it was predicated
on Idiot Plot - people acting out of character, not talking
reasonably to long term allies, and being unable to back down
from childish posturing.  In short, soap opera behaviour.
It is, in theory, possible to do a Civil War style storyline which
doesn't suck, and doesn't end up making the participants
look like tools or children with ADHD problems.

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