LNH: An Important Public Service Announcement!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 8 16:01:45 PDT 2007

Tarq wrote:
> May I have the honour of dubbing Billy 'Billy the Butterfly Magic
> Kid'? I can totally see a miniseries full of Irony Man (or someone in
> middle-management) trying to train and 'brainwash' (for lack of a
> better word) these camps of children. Kid Kamp, or some such. Because
> everyone ever in these camps would obviously have 'Kid' in their
> net.hero names. Like Marvin the Kid Macaw, and Kidzip.
> The more I think about this, the more awesome it becomes in my mind.
> If this doesn't kill your plans, Arthur, may I have the honour of
> writing a Beige Countdown-connected miniseries focused on one of these
> camps?

Sure.  Go for it.  I think Irony Man will probably be too busy to do
anything more than perhaps occasionally inspect the camp...

> ~Mitchell (currently has two fluorescent light tubes above his head,
> as opposed to the standard singular lightbulb)

Arthur "Perhaps Opinionated Lad could train them..." Spitzer

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