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On Jun 6, 3:57 pm, EDMLite <robroger... at gmail.com> wrote:
>     "It was the kiwi conga line that finally did me
> in," the Dismal-Hope Kid admitted.  "I kept thinking
> those little green birds had to wear out sooner or
> later.  I completely forgot they're nocturnal."

Spectacular Laugh Out Loud Moment #1!

>     "Lord, what tools these portals be," Kid
> Shakespeare said.

Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes and yes. I love Midsummer Night's Dream.
This is one of those precious LNH moments that I spout at random
intervals to the poor people around me, only to break out into small
fits of hysterics and be regarded as somewhat unstable.
Needless to say, Spectacular Laugh Out Loud Moment #2!

>     "What's worse than a vegetable?" Cynical Lass asked.
>     "Probably a mineral," wReamHack suggested.
>     "Or a *@#$%^& fungus," Innovative-Offense Boy suggested.

And Spectacular Laugh Out Loud Moment #3 (even if I did feel a little
bad for laughing at a gag that made reference to 'vegetable's). I'm
totally out for the count. My side is split too far, and I simply
cannae breath; I'll be back when I'm stitched back together and I get
a major blood tranfusiiiiiiiii

>     "Come and get it!" WikiBoy shouted, running through yet
> another of Net.ropolis' neighborhoods.  The people he passed
> pointed, gasped and laughed or ran away -- which was hardly
> surprising, since for the last fifteen hours he'd been
> traveling through the streets of the city, as ordered by his
> latest edit, wearing nothing but a chef's hat.
>     "Come and get it!" he called again, and sighed.
>     This had to be over soon, he thought.

The artistic thing about this WikiBoy scene at the end is how subtly
it was hinted at throughout the rest of the story; there's enough that
it's there in the back of your mind, and you know that something
terrible has happened to WikiBoy (terribly amusing, id est!), but not
so much that you're going, "Okay, I get it, you're going to have
something funny happy with WikiBoy near the end. Shut up, galosh-
face." Y'know? It's just generally not a good thing for an author to
make his responders want to call him a galosh-face, and by George,
this does not make me want to call you a galosh-face.

Tarq out.

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