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Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 22:42:03 PDT 2007

On Jun 8, 8:26 am, Arthur Spitzer
<arspit... at earthlink.net> wrote:
> We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming
> An Important Public Service Announcement!
>     *******
> Billy looked into the palm of his hand and then
closed it.  A burst of
> light shimmered through the crevices of his fist. 
And then the masked
> six-year old, wearing a red towel for a cape, opened
it up and out flew
> 58 butterflies.  Each a different color of the
rainbow.  And as they
> fluttered around him, Billy smiled to himself.
> "Gosh Gollickers!!  I'm gonna use my power all over
the world and fill
> it full of pretty butterflies!!  And everyone will
be happy!!"
> "Whoahh, there sport!" boomed a voice from the sky. 
Billy looked up and
> saw the metallic golden armored superhero Irony Man
floating down
> accompanied by some military men with guns.  "I
think you're forgetting
> something!"
> "Wow!  Irony Man!!  Forgetting what?!"
> "That using super powers if you aren't registered
with the LNH is a
> crime!  Punishable with hard time in jail.  And jail
for your parents if
> they haven't gotten you registered within a month of
finding out you
> have powers."
> "Gosh, Irony Man!  Why is it a crime to make
harmless butterflies?"
> "Well, sure -- they're not dangerous now.  But. 
Will they always be
> harmless?  Who can predict the future?  Can you
Billy?  There could come
> a time when they stop being harmless and become --
Become killers!!
> Yes, Billy.  These peace loving butterflies could in
a short time become
> crazed serial killing rapist satanic worshipping

Which, incidentally, is the exactly the argument
people make against genetically modified food, ie that
the sweet tasting corn could mutate into something
that could kill us.  Just thought I'd put things in
perspective. :)


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