LNH: Nomination ballot for LNH Leadership Election

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 19:46:55 PDT 2007

LNH: Nomination ballot for LNH Leadership Election

Okay.. since no one else is volunteering.. I guess
I'll do it.


   The LNH Leadership Election process:

    1.  Nominations.  Open.  The only restriction is that you aren't
allowed to nominate a character that isn't usable without permission.
Feel free to nominate your own characters.

        Nomination Period ends: JUL 06 2007

    2.  Elections.  Crunch time.  Pick three and rank them 1,2,3
   (no self-voting).  Track and field scoring in effect -- ie 1st is
   5pts, 2nd is 3pts and 3rd is 1pt.  Most points wins. Democracy
   in action!

        Election Period ends: AUG 06 2007

If the winner doesn't get over 50% of the vote a second
Election will be held with the two top vote getters.

2nd Election Period (if necessary) ends: AUG 16 2007

Story revealing the winner will be posted:  SEP 06 2007

(Maybe  :))

And the winner will be leader till another election is held...

    NOTE:  Please return all nominations and ballots to the preferred
    email address of:
       arspitzer at earthlink.net

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Characters you want to nominate to lead the LNH:

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