LNH: LNH Comics Presents #502: INFINITE LEADERSHIP CRY.SIG Episode 467

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> The Ultimate Ninja with his back turned started to speak.  "Tell me,
> Cannon Fodder.  Something seems different.  But I can't tell.  What is
> it?  Maybe it's the desk that's been turned to splinters.  Maybe it's
> the shelf full of valuable keepsakes, which is now down on the ground
> full of shattered valuable keepsakes.  Or maybe it's the 'Ultimate Ninja
> wears his grandma's panties' graffiti on the wall.  This place isn't
> quite the way I left it."  The Ultimate Ninja turned around and gave a
> deadly stare to Cannon Fodder.  "So.  What happened while I was away?"

He's been away for so long that I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed
reading the Ultimate Ninja... and you have him characterized
exactly right... dedicated, disciplined, and just on the verge of
slicing everyone within earshot into ribbons.

> "It will not work.  They are far too powerful now for even the death of
> one hero to stop them.  No.  I am afraid it will take many deaths to
> stop them."

Ominous and unsettling...

> "We are going to destroy Easily Discovered Man Lite once and for
> all!!!!!  Yes!!!!  Destroy HIM!!!!  Die, Easily Discovered Man Lite!!!
> DIE!!!!  Muhahhahahahahahahh!!!!!!!!!!"  Mynabird pumped both of his
> fists in the air.

Dear lord.  No wonder it's becoming so difficult for me to get

> Soon, Easily-Discovered Man Lite.  Soon.


> Irony Man put the picture and newspaper back into the dusty box.
> What decays first? Irony Man thought to himself.
> What decays first?

As others have commented, this is a haunting and effective scene...
the issue itself was well worth the wait.

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Living on borrowed time

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