LNH: LNH Comics Presents #502: INFINITE LEADERSHIP CRY.SIG Episode 467

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Mon Jun 4 03:58:47 PDT 2007

On Jun 3, 10:59 am, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at earthlink.net> wrote:
>         Legion of Net.Heroes Comics Presents...
>                         #502
>                     SIXTY-SEVEN

Apart from being an excellent ending for the series (the revisiting of
mass destruction did make it feel, to me, that ILC accomplished a bit
more than _just_ setting up BM), I just wanted to say that quite
possibly *the most enjoyable experience I have ever had on the
internet* came from reading the scene where Irony Man proposes the
election whilst listening to _I'll Make A Man Out of You_ from the
Mulan soundtrack (which has a strong military beat). God. My pleasure
brain place just exploded. I'm going to choose to assume that no one
will take that the wrong way. Damn it.

> Arthur "Oh lord" Spitzer

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