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101 (Superfreaks #1) Sins of the Fathers

Extreme is accused of criminal negligence resulting in
death, Night Man is found poisoned and Weapon Alpha
has to fight his own brother.

102 (Superfreaks #2) Crime and Punishment

Extreme goes to trial on charges of criminal
negligence.  Meanwhile, heroes gather at the funeral
for Night Man.

103 Night Man and Moon Boy

Greggory describes the trial of Night Man from his own
point of view. 

104 (Superfreaks #3) Three Days Two Knights

Kenneth Kendall reveals to detectives that he is the
Human Spider when his girlfriend is murdered. 
Meanwhile, the Exterminator is on a rampage.

105 (Superfreaks #4) Deja Vu

Kevin Austin keeps reliving his wife's death and
Michael investigates the death of Irwin 'Alligator
Hunter' Stevens.  Meanwhile, Edward and Mary go on a

106 (Superfreaks #5) It's a Mad Mad World

Harry is arrested for the murder of Alexander
Goodhead.  Meanwhile, psychic Suri Das helps the
police track down a murderer.

107 (Superfreaks #6) Games People Play

The Brotherhood of Masters send the Extreme Force Six
a threatening CD.  Meanwhile, the detectives
investigate the murder of a high school student.

108 (Superfreaks #7) Choices

The detectives investigate the death of a teenager in
his math class.  Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Masters
try to seduce Harry over to their side.

109 (Superfreaks #8) Repurcusions

The detectives investigate a shooting.  Meanwhile
Harry is put on trial for the murder of Alexander

110 (Superfreaks #9) Proposals

The detectives solve the shooting case.  Meanwhile,
Edward proposes to Mary.

111 (Superfreaks #10) Secrets

Mary accepts Edward's proposal and a subsequant
interview with Wendy Wang enables her to guess the
secret identity of Extreme.

112 (Superfreaks #11) Send Up The Clones

A man murders a clone in what he believes to be self
defense, a clone murders her master during what she
believes is foreplay and a clone goes to the precinct
looking for assylum from her master.

113 (Superfreaks #12) The Sad Clone

Alan decides to accuse Clones R Us of denying clones
their right to self determination.

114 (Superfreaks #13) Dreams 

John, Michael, Mark and Mary all have graphic dreams. 
Mary's relationship with Edward reaches a new plateau.

115 (Superfreaks #14) Death

Zon comes to Earth and apparently kills Extreme.

116 (Superfreaks #15) Birth

A clone of Extreme is sent out to face Zon.  Mary
visits an old hero of hers on his deathbed.

117 (Superfreaks #16) X-Freaks

The detectives track down a serial killer only to find
out that somebody else is after him.

118 (Superfreaks #17) Chaos

A hero from the future comes back in time to 2007 to
exact justice against criminals.

119 (Superfreaks #18) Revenge Reloaded

Michael is called out to investigate a stabbing. 
Meanwhile, Zon is back and he's not alone.

120 (Superfreaks #19) I'll Never Forget What You Did
Last Winter

John's daughter Katherine uses her abilities to help
him track down a serial killer.

121 (Superfreaks #20) Legion of Extreme Fans

The investigation into the murder of Carlos Faulkner
hits a slight snag: the victim has come back to life.

122 (Superfreaks #21) Final Preparations

An entity is killing teenagers and Professor Stomper
is called in to help.  Meanwhile, Edward and Mary are
preparing for their wedding.


201 (Silver Age #1) Dawn

Bruce Blake wonders if the murder of a girl in his
neighbourhood is realted to his blackouts.  Meanwhile,
Officer Craig Franklin goes undercover and joins the
Porcupine's gang.

202 (Silver Age #2) Morning

Detective McKenzie helps Bruce come to terms with his
dual identities.  Meanwhile, Craig has to fight his
way out of the Porcupine's headquarters.

203 (Silver Age #3) High Noon

Alan Russell presses drug charges against Frank
Eaglone.  Meanwhile, the Extreme Force Six have their
first meeting.

204 (Silver Age #4) Evening

Detective Jim Morgan is promoted to Pepperton City
Police Commissioner.  Meanwhile, Craig swears revenge
against all criminals folloing the death of his wife
and son.

205 (Silver Age #5) Night

After being exposed to red neonite, Extreme has to be
subdued by Colonel Wonder.  Meanwhile, Night Man is
accused of murdering the Kidder.

206 (Season 2 #1) Standard Procedure

A chimpanzee is the only witness to a murder, Water
Lord is questioned regarding the death of a fellow
Atlantean and Extreme is called in to subdue a
construction worker who claims to be a god.

207 (Season 2 #2) The Anti-Dimension

Professor Stomper is called in to help solve a
kidnapping case.  Meanwhile, Michael travels to
another dimension to see where the Extreme Force Six
keeps superpowered criminals.

208 (Season 2 #3) Cognition

A woman is murdered in a case of mistaken identity and
a new serial killer turns out to have superpowers.

209 (Season 2 #4) Devastatus

The FBI gets involved in the case of the superpowered
serial killer.  Meanwhile, the Anti-Dimension prison
falls under attack from a superpowered alien.

210 (Season 2 #5) Fusion 

The Extreme Force Six finds itself having to rebuild
after a devatating attack and Michael finally gets the
evidence he needs to solve an old case.

211 (Season 2 #6) The Phantom Cyclist 

Mary helps an old friend right a wrong while Janie
Leland learns that her boyfriend is more than he seems
to be.

212 (Season 2 #7) Operation Secret Galactic Crisis-War
of Infinitely Legendary Infinite Storm Tie In

While the detectives investigate the mysterious
disappearance of the Extreme Force Six, the Legion of
Extreme Fans officially step forward to replace them.

213 (Season 2 #8) Tragedies

Police investigate a suicide and a shooting, both of
which involve Extreme.

214 (Season 2 #9) Superfreaks Japan

The Power Scouts and the Master Ninja join forces
against Golnorack and Gonjira.

215 (Season 2 #10) Turning Points

The Master Ninja comes to America and fights alongside
Weapon Alpha.  Meanwhile, Michael proposes to Lana.

216 (Season 2 #11) Genesis

Ethan Stanley Boyle is accused of murdering somebody
he was trying to help and Professor Stomper is called
in to help clear his name.

217 (Season 2 #12) Apocalypse

Alexander Goodhead Junior goes after Harry to avenge
his father's death and ends up facing the Extreme
Force Six.

218 (Season 2 #13) Operation Secret Galactic
Crisis-War of Infinitely Legendary Infinite Storm 2
Tie In

Michael goes after what he believes to be is a bomb on
a bus and ends up facing a god like being who then
shows up later again during his wedding.

219 (Season 2 #14) Shrank

Extreme is accused of killing a mugger and Mark is
accused of wrongdoing in the death of Joel Byrne, the
latest Goodhead Corporation CEO.

220 (Season 2 #15) The Ant-Sized Man

The mystery of Peter Hanks' disappearance is solved. 
Meanwhile, Extreme brings Bizarre Extreme in for
psychological evaluation.

221 (Season 2 #16) Superfreaks 2048

While investigating a murder, Jacob Bailey finds
himself sent to another dimension with his evil twin
taking his place.

222 (Season 2 #17) Superfreaks Forever 

The Pepperton Protector is sent back in time to
retrieve the evil twin of Jacob Bailey.  Meanwhile,
the detectives in the future solve a double murder.


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