REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #42 - June 2007 [spoilers]

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Thu Jul 19 06:49:25 PDT 2007

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> Superfreaks Season 2 #13-17
> 'Operation Secret Galactic Crisis-War Of Infinitely Legendary Storm 2
> Tie In'  ;
> 'Shrank  ;  'The Ant-Sized Man'  ;
> 'Superfreaks 2048'  and  'Superfreaks Forever'
> A Superfreaks [Superfreaks] series
> by Martin Phipps
>      Just a quick note on this series, since Martin claims to be
> wrapping it up.  I'll take him on his word on that, but also note that
> Martin has the wherewithal to quickly write up more stories if for some
> reason a wandering muse decided to bite him and give him inspiration
> for a Superfreaks Season 3.

Something bit me today and I submitted a story to rec.arts.erotica. :)

>  (Okay, yes, I admit it: I'm envious.)
>      The writing is pretty consistently good.
>      Thematically I liked the way that Bizarre Extreme was both depicted
> and treated as an angry teenager who would, once he'd worked out his
> conflicts, probably grow up to be a great hero.  This was a solid
> extrapolation of the notion that if clones are both sentient but not
> mentally identically to their donors, then they're going to have
> identity issues.  And of course, it gets more complicated when you throw
> in the complications like 'physically they're only a few years old' and
> sterotypical 'superhuman teenager' angst.

One thing I was thinking of doing was an Initiative (Marvel) parody
and I touched on it with Superfreaks 2048 so that's done.  The idea
for a superprison was born when I wrote Superfreaks (Season 1) # 18
which had the Extreme Force Six (amongst others) fighting Zon clones.
There was a line where the Super Soldier said he didn't want the local
law enforcement to interfere with their plans and it got me wondering
what those plans were.  After watching two seasons each of CSI and
CSI: Miami on DVD I had enough ideas to support a second season of
Superfreaks so I started with the Negative Dimension prison idea and
this led to cool ideas like the death of the Super Soldier and the
idea of Bizarre Extreme being the last surving clone of Extreme and
having him escape from Extreme Force HQ in all the confusion.  Oh and
I originally planned to have Detective King face his evil twin but I
decided that Dr. Reed wouldn't be building another portal after what
happened to Extreme Force HQ so I decided his son would do it and that
turned out to be the story that finished off the season (and
presumably the series.)


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