REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #42 - June 2007 [spoilers]

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Jul 16 22:05:49 PDT 2007

First of all, and as always, thank you thank you thank you for the
review!  I'm glad you liked the Snail-Earth; I have a soft-spot for
those kinds of details myself. :-)

Now, to address your concerns-- I'll agree that it's a bad way to
resolve a love triangle.  But-- trust me on this-- it's not resolved
just yet.  I might have a few surprises up my sleeve. :-)

It's true that we only have Fisk's word that Dani's dead.  And I'm not
going to say that she is or she isn't yet-- you'll have to wait until
this month's pulse-pounding issue to discover the details-- but let's
look at Fisk's position.

He's the ADA-- and he's also the rat that's been keeping Samson Snapp
out of prison and feeding him information.  Dani Handler calls him up
to inform him that there's a sting operation to find the rat-- that
Martin Rock will be arrested, claim to have information on Snapp, et
cetera.  Which means that Fisk knows they're coming after him, and he
knows that only two other people-- Martin and Dani-- know about this

Martin Rock he can take care of easily enough-- he can throw him in
jail.  Martin's pretty much already universally discredited.  No one
would believe him if he claimed the ADA was in cahoots with Snapp, or
that people like the Green Knight and Danielle Handler would trust him
with this kind of undercover work.

_Unless_ Dani was able to back him up.  Dani being head of the city's
anti-drug police force and the police's contact with the Green
Knight.  Dani has credibility.  Having Dani out and about would be
very dangerous-- not only to Fisk, but to Snapp.

So it would be more in Fisk's favour to actually dispose of Dani than
to simply tell Martin that.

There'll be more on this in the next issue, and I really can't reveal
much about it here-- other than the fact that it contains twenty-two
supervillains, the Twelve Crimes of Christmas, cosmic sex, thrilling
action, and a pleasant afternoon in a library.

All this and more in JOLT CITY # 10-- "The Most Dangerous Man!"

And while you await this mini-opus-- the biggest, greatest, and
grandest Jolt City yet-- you can your whet your appetite for all
things Russellian by <plug> visiting my webcomic, , or downloading my new sidescrolling
platformer, "Umbrella Action", from .</


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